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A Case of the Mondays #5

It’s Monday!! Busy week ahead of me! Lots of meetings and things on the schedule this week. Whoever said the “off season” was slow should take a look at my calendar! I’m glad I had this past weekend off though because its my last free weekend for a few weeks!

In case you didn’t know, my team won the SUPERBOWL last night! So exciting! John and I stayed home and watched it together for the first time in a few years and it was nice to spend that time hanging out together. I also made FRIED PICKLES from scratch (thanks Pinterest) and pizza roll ups which are basically just Pillsbury crescent rolls baked with pepperoni and cheese in the middle and dipped into marinara. SO GOOD. The food is seriously one of the best parts of the Super Bowl!

You may have seen this video floating around Facebook…I think it’s the perfect way to start out a week on a positive note. We could all use a little encouragement, especially on Mondays!

Also I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who filled out my survey! I really appreciate all of your responses and im finding lots of helpful information as I go through them! If you haven’t filled out the survey yet, you still have time to fill it out and comment here for a chance to win an Anthro mug of your choice and a Starbucks gift card!


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I’m glad the Ravens won too! My newsfeed was filled with so many happy statuses 🙂

The snacks are totally the best part of the superbowl, haha!
Try to find some you time in the mess of the busy couple weeks ahead! 🙂


The kid president is so cute! And I’m really happy the Ravens won even though the Falcons are my team:)


Fried pickles from scratch? Recipe! Recipe please!

Ya know, I have seen this video floating around and have yet to watch it. Thanks for posting it!! I loved it!! And fried pickles…yum!


I love that video! The first time I watched it I cried! I would watch it every day if I could:)

SO excited about the Ravens WINNNN!!!

ps – AWESOME vid!

Amy G.

That video is AWESOME! And I haven’t done the survey yet but I will do it today!

Jessica B.

The food is definitely the best part of the Super Bowl! I made homemade pretzels and wings for game time treats!

I love this little kid and his pep talk! Also, go RAVENS! 🙂

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