Today’s DIY project is super simple and can be adapted to make about a thousand different things if you wanted to! I made a little tray to hold my makeup in our bathroom, but I was thinking it would be cute to make one of these to hold keys by the door, or to hold [ Continue Reading … ]


Today’s DIY is so simple. Cork coasters. Seriously…this project might even be something a husband or boyfriend could do…it’s THAT easy. I actually made these cork coasters because I was using some tile coasters I had pinned and painted myself, but the problem was whenever I put a really sweaty drink on top of it, [ Continue Reading … ]


A couple weeks ago one of my good friends shared some treats her dog “made” to give to his friends as Valentine’s day treats on her Instagram. I loved the idea so much I decided to adapt it and send my friends and 2013 clients some surprises courtesy of Lucy the cat! ¬†Lucy is a [ Continue Reading … ]

These days, a traditional three tiered wedding cake is no longer a given at a wedding. Brides and grooms are choosing all sorts of creative cakes and desserts to celebrate their wedding day! I love this trend and think that choosing a dessert that suits you is a great way to personalize your wedding day [ Continue Reading … ]

Envelope liners are one of those things that are just “extra”. Meaning you don’t necessarily need them to have an amazing wedding, but they are an special touch that a details person such as myself just goes nuts over. They just add extra OOMPH. Yes, that’s a technical term. These liners are great for a [ Continue Reading … ]