Today’s DIY project is super simple and can be adapted to make about a thousand different things if you wanted to! I made a little tray to hold my makeup in our bathroom, but I was thinking it would be cute to make one of these to hold keys by the door, or to hold [ Continue Reading ... ]


Today’s DIY is so simple. Cork coasters. Seriously…this project might even be something a husband or boyfriend could do…it’s THAT easy. I actually made these cork coasters because I was using some tile coasters I had pinned and painted myself, but the problem was whenever I put a really sweaty drink on top of it, [ Continue Reading ... ]


A couple weeks ago one of my good friends shared some treats her dog “made” to give to his friends as Valentine’s day treats on her Instagram. I loved the idea so much I decided to adapt it and send my friends and 2013 clients some surprises courtesy of Lucy the cat! ¬†Lucy is a [ Continue Reading ... ]

These days, a traditional three tiered wedding cake is no longer a given at a wedding. Brides and grooms are choosing all sorts of creative cakes and desserts to celebrate their wedding day! I love this trend and think that choosing a dessert that suits you is a great way to personalize your wedding day [ Continue Reading ... ]

Envelope liners are one of those things that are just “extra”. Meaning you don’t necessarily need them to have an amazing wedding, but they are an special touch that a details person such as myself just goes nuts over. They just add extra OOMPH. Yes, that’s a technical term. These liners are great for a [ Continue Reading ... ]

I have been working really hard on cleaning and organizing our second bedroom into a functioning office. I made a desk following a tutorial found on pinterest and got the idea to create an “inspiration board” (read: bulletin board0 to hang above it. I was wandering around JoAnn fabric store looking for something and stumbled [ Continue Reading ... ]

Hey everyone! Sorry about my absence recently. I have kind of been hibernating for a little while, but I’m back today with a DIY tutorial that is practically the easiest DIY I’ve ever done. This one is Christmas related, but you still have time to tackle it before the holiday if you’d like! Also, you [ Continue Reading ... ]

Hey there! I know this post is super delayed…but I have been incredibly busy lately! I’m trying to remember how I made time for all this DIY for our wedding back in May! Ha. I decided to sew fabric flowers to use as boutonnieres for all of the guys in our wedding¬†around the same time [ Continue Reading ... ]

I originally made moustaches on sticks last year to use in a shoot I did for my friend Melody and her family. Turns out they are not moustache people. That’s okay. For every non-moustache person out there, there is at least one other moustache lover such as myself. One of my October brides also happens [ Continue Reading ... ]