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3 Tips for Streamlining the Packaging Process

One of the things I have always worked hard on behind the scenes has been taking care of my clients by sending them funView full post »

FBO: Staying Productive During Off Season

It’s technically “off season” but that doesn’t mean as photographers and wedding vendors that we’re actuallyView full post »

The Photography Lover’s Gift Guide

Whether or not you have a friend or family member who’s a professional photographer, we all most likely know someoneView full post »

For Business Owners: Two More Gmail Hacks

I’ve written two other posts with Gmail tips and tricks already (you can view them here and here, but Gmail is such aView full post »

Finances for Photogs Part 2

I’m sure everyone has their own way of doing their finances, but I remember it being somewhat confusing when I firstView full post »

For Photographers: Busy Season Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again! Busy wedding season! Without fail, October rolls around and our calendar is jam packedView full post »

Winter Workshop Announcement

I am so excited to announce the next workshop to you guys today and officially open registration! We’ll beView full post »

For Photographers: Rainy Day Weddings

With a hurricane coming this weekend and the uncertainty of the weather during the Fall wedding season, I thought thisView full post »

Finances for Photogs #1 Setting Goals

I’m a planner at heart, and goals really make me feel happy inside. I love a good spreadsheet or two! When I took theView full post »

For Photographers: Pricing Albums

Maybe it’s just me, but pricing always seems like one of the trickiest parts of running your own business. AndView full post »

For Photogs: Booking Season Peaks and Valleys

This post is going to be yet another one of those posts I felt compelled to write because I didn’t feel like there&#View full post »

FBO: The Key to Dealing with Rejection

Today’s post is about one of those tough things that people don’t really talk about very openly. I likeView full post »

The Pricing Series – Part Two

So you’ve got your pricing all set up and ready to go. You’re pretty much done, right? HAHA. Yeah, right. In theView full post »

For Photographers: CF Card Care

This is probably one of the most important “For Photographers” posts I’ve ever done! As a primarilyView full post »

For Business Owners: Promo Films 101

This post is all about Promo Films! We just did ours this year and I learned so many things from the experience that IView full post »