End of Summer Instagram Review

I stopped doing Instagram reviews a while back for a few reasons, but I can’t say I didn’t miss them! It was so much fun to look back through all of my Instagrams every month and reminisce on all of the fun things that I shared on my feed. There’s been a lot of talk [ Continue Reading … ]


As promised yesterday, here’s a recap of our long weekend trip! Friday morning we got up early and met Josh and Shea at the beach for their engagement session! They were such troopers for getting up so early!!  We had fun meeting them and hanging out a little bit, and as always the sunrise light was [ Continue Reading … ]


April seems like a short month, doesn’t it? I know it’s only one day shorter than March was, but I feel like it went by a lot faster than March did…and March flew by for me this year! Wedding season is right around the corner for me, and I know that’s only going to make [ Continue Reading … ]


I took an OVERLOAD of instagrams this month. I seriously used the crap out of my phone camera and actually FILLED UP the internal memory! Yesterday I had to delete more pictures so I could take more!! How crazy is that??? I think a lot of that has to do with how awesome March was! [ Continue Reading … ]


I was looking back through my Instagram posts and realized that I’ve been posting these reviews for a year now! How crazy is that? When I think about how much things have changed since I started these posts, I’m blown away. A year ago I was just getting through every day hoping that one day maybe in [ Continue Reading … ]