With all of the rain and the cooler temperatures over the past couple days, I’ve been starting to get a little more excited for Fall! I usually don’t get into the Fall spirit until it actually feels like it outside, but this morning I’m dreaming up what I’d like my Fall wardrobe to look like! [ Continue Reading ... ]

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Hello there! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Though most people consider Labor Day the end of summer, I consider it to still be summer until it gets cool outside. So in my book, there’s at least another month of summer fun left! This past weekend was the last weekend of a [ Continue Reading ... ]


Getting Fit.

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It’s that time of year again…the day I feel like it’s perfectly okay for me to be cheesy and romantical (one of my favorite made up words) and wish my awesome life partner and husband a happy birthday on my blog. Last year I told the story of the beginning of our relationship and of [ Continue Reading ... ]

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Yesterday, I hosted my first workshop in Charlottesville at Old Metropolitan Hall on the adorable Downtown Mall! I don’t have behind the scenes pictures yet (my sweet friend Serena was kind enough to take them for me) and I can’t share pictures of the styled shoot until it’s been published. But I wanted to share [ Continue Reading ... ]

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I haven’t done a giveaway in what feels like forever! I used to do small fun little giveaways once a month, but at some point I got too busy to do them so frequently. But, I miss doing them! I liked sharing things I really love with the people (like you!) who have been nice [ Continue Reading ... ]

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A while ago I mentioned that one of my personal projects for this year is shooting more film. I haven’t really gotten the chance to shoot as much as I’d hoped yet, but I did finally get a few of the rolls I shot this spring processed and scanned. After seeing my scans, I’m so [ Continue Reading ... ]

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Summer is one of my favorite seasons (okay, so there are only four, I like all of them but Winter), which is partly because I have a summer birthday, so it’s always meant I had something to look forward to, other than just being out of school for a couple of months. I have so [ Continue Reading ... ]

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There are a lot of photographers out there who have loved photography since they were born…they were raised in dark rooms, and came of age winding film. Or so, it seems. I wasn’t one of those people. I had a plastic barbie camera when I was eight…and I broke it. I didn’t really pick up [ Continue Reading ... ]



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I know I still have millions of things to learn about marriage (and about life in general, really), but after three years of marriage and almost seven years together (six living together!!) I think I’m finally getting closer to understanding what it’s really about. The thing is, with my job (our jobs!) as wedding photographers, [ Continue Reading ... ]


Traveling is one of those things I think everyone loves to do (us included!) but you never have the chance to do it as much as you want to. For us, it seems like we are always so busy during the summer and don’t always have the opportunity to take weekend trips besides the ones [ Continue Reading ... ]