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I’ll start this post by saying, I’m by NO MEANS an expert on running, racing, marathoning, etc (or really anything besides Fast Food), but I learned a ton throughout my training for both the half and full marathons I ran. I’m friends with a few runners and have some runner clients, and a few people [ Continue Reading ... ]


500th Post!

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The other day I noticed I was getting dangerously close to 500 blog posts published…I couldn’t believe it! Time really does go by so fast, because it seriously feels like it was just yesterday when I started blogging with just a hope to one day be able to maybe go full time and maybe make a living [ Continue Reading ... ]

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You guys. I can’t even describe what it feels like to sit here and write out this post. I mean, I knew that training for and then running my first marathon was going to be a huge undertaking, but I didn’t realize how much of an emotional journey it would be. Since deciding I wanted [ Continue Reading ... ]



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If you’ve been following my Twitter or Instagram, you probably know I’ve been training for a marathon. My first!! I’ve posted about it on the blog a little bit here and there…I don’t want to overwhelm people with my running, but I don’t have any training buddies, so my Twitter/Instagram/blog friends ARE my support system! [ Continue Reading ... ]

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There are two camps of people….those who LOVE Valentine’s Day and everything about it, and those who hate Valentine’s Day…or think it’s dumb because love should be celebrated every day. We don’t really fall into either of those camps…we just really like to eat:) So, we always make plans for Valentine’s Day. I mean, it’s [ Continue Reading ... ]


During my “lunch hour” these days I watch something recorded to our DVR while I eat. I wish I could say I read books or did something productive during this time other than sit, eat and stare at the tv, but hey, watching tv makes me happy. I finally got around to watching a bunch [ Continue Reading ... ]

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When our Christmas tree comes down, I get a little sad that Christmas is over so I use that as an excuse to freshen up our living room a little bit! Over holiday break we made the trek to Ikea for a second Expedit bookcase, which now houses our TV and the rest of our [ Continue Reading ... ]



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I haven’t blogged about this much, or really ever because it’s something so personal to me I don’t really like to share with you know…the whole internet. Mostly, I’m afraid to open myself to other people’s opinions on my story and I am not sure if I’m really ready for that…But this year has been [ Continue Reading ... ]

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I thought about titling this post “The 12 Deeds of Christmas” but that sounded so cheesy to me. In a nutshell though, that’s essentially what I’m setting out to do…12 random (or not so random) acts of kindness done in the holiday spirit. I think that it can be a lot easier to get involved with [ Continue Reading ... ]


Reality Check

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I’m going to just come out and admit something to you guys…I’m super addicted to social media. Yep. It’s really unhealthy and lately I’ve realized how much checking constant streams of other people’s updates (a lot of which are from people I have never even met….) has really started to affect me on a personal level. [ Continue Reading ... ]