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Car troubles are probably one of the most stressful, anxiety inducing things out there. They’re right up there with all of the things I hate…including lima beans…and bathrooms that have carpeting. I get anxious just thinking about having to take my car to get repaired. My car is what connects me to the outside world! [ Continue Reading ... ]

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If I HAD to pick a favorite part of the trip, it would be this one, because John is my best friend in the world, and having him there to go on adventures with is just the best thing ever. Hands down. When I buy my plane tickets, I almost always go for the “hacker [ Continue Reading ... ]


The Journey

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Last year at this time I was training really hard for my first half marathon. It was the first really athletic thing I’d ever done in my life! For me, it feels way more natural to be curled up on the couch with a book or a Netflix marathon than it does to lace up [ Continue Reading ... ]


I’m one of these people that doesn’t like to start enjoying the new season while the last is still in full swing…especially if the season ahead of me leads straight into WINTER. I hate winter! It’s great for like a month, in December while everything is so cheerful and fun for the holiday season, and [ Continue Reading ... ]

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My summer goal was pretty simple…shoot film and take my camera everywhere I went. I wanted to ensure that we’d have tons of memories to remember every second by…and I really wanted to practice shooting film as much as possible! I can’t say I took my camera EVERYWHERE, but I did take it on our [ Continue Reading ... ]


With all of the rain and the cooler temperatures over the past couple days, I’ve been starting to get a little more excited for Fall! I usually don’t get into the Fall spirit until it actually feels like it outside, but this morning I’m dreaming up what I’d like my Fall wardrobe to look like! [ Continue Reading ... ]

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Hello there! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Though most people consider Labor Day the end of summer, I consider it to still be summer until it gets cool outside. So in my book, there’s at least another month of summer fun left! This past weekend was the last weekend of a [ Continue Reading ... ]


The Flood


Two years ago today I woke up on a wedding day in a new apartment to the sound of heavy rain beating against the windows. I did what most people do when they hear heavy rain…I just hung out and laid in bed, relaxing. What’s more relaxing than laying in bed on a Saturday morning [ Continue Reading ... ]


Getting Fit.

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It’s that time of year again…the day I feel like it’s perfectly okay for me to be cheesy and romantical (one of my favorite made up words) and wish my awesome life partner and husband a happy birthday on my blog. Last year I told the story of the beginning of our relationship and of [ Continue Reading ... ]

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Yesterday, I hosted my first workshop in Charlottesville at Old Metropolitan Hall on the adorable Downtown Mall! I don’t have behind the scenes pictures yet (my sweet friend Serena was kind enough to take them for me) and I can’t share pictures of the styled shoot until it’s been published. But I wanted to share [ Continue Reading ... ]