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I haven’t done a giveaway in what feels like forever! I used to do small fun little giveaways once a month, but at some point I got too busy to do them so frequently. But, I miss doing them! I liked sharing things I really love with the people (like you!) who have been nice [ Continue Reading ... ]

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A while ago I mentioned that one of my personal projects for this year is shooting more film. I haven’t really gotten the chance to shoot as much as I’d hoped yet, but I did finally get a few of the rolls I shot this spring processed and scanned. After seeing my scans, I’m so [ Continue Reading ... ]

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Summer is one of my favorite seasons (okay, so there are only four, I like all of them but Winter), which is partly because I have a summer birthday, so it’s always meant I had something to look forward to, other than just being out of school for a couple of months. I have so [ Continue Reading ... ]

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There are a lot of photographers out there who have loved photography since they were born…they were raised in dark rooms, and came of age winding film. Or so, it seems. I wasn’t one of those people. I had a plastic barbie camera when I was eight…and I broke it. I didn’t really pick up [ Continue Reading ... ]



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I know I still have millions of things to learn about marriage (and about life in general, really), but after three years of marriage and almost seven years together (six living together!!) I think I’m finally getting closer to understanding what it’s really about. The thing is, with my job (our jobs!) as wedding photographers, [ Continue Reading ... ]


Traveling is one of those things I think everyone loves to do (us included!) but you never have the chance to do it as much as you want to. For us, it seems like we are always so busy during the summer and don’t always have the opportunity to take weekend trips besides the ones [ Continue Reading ... ]


I always thought the older I got, the less I would need my mom, and though it’s somewhat true that I don’t need her as much, (I mean, I take care of making sure I eat dinner and I can tie my own shoes and drive myself places… )  it’s more that I don’t need [ Continue Reading ... ]


This time of year is the easiest time for me to slack off and throw healthy eating to the wind. I’m a lot busier because it’s wedding season, so I don’t always have time to stop what I’m doing and cook a healthy lunch. The funny thing is, I thought when I left my full [ Continue Reading ... ]

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In just a few short weeks, John and I will be celebrating our third (yes THIRD!!! Time is flying by!) wedding anniversary and it’s gotten me thinking a lot about the honeymoon we STILL haven’t gone on. I actually realized not too long ago that we haven’t really been on a true vacation just the [ Continue Reading ... ]

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I’ll start this post by saying, I’m by NO MEANS an expert on running, racing, marathoning, etc (or really anything besides Fast Food), but I learned a ton throughout my training for both the half and full marathons I ran. I’m friends with a few runners and have some runner clients, and a few people [ Continue Reading ... ]