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There is no right or wrong

I’m working on a behind the scenes post about my workflow and as I’ve been screen capturing the things thatView full post »

A peek

A peek at the styled shoot I shot last week! I won’t be sharing more for a while so enjoy this tiny peek for nowView full post »

Video blog – Family formal tips

Hey there! I’m trying to keep up with video blogging and be faster with getting these out. I’m happy to sayView full post »

Blogging tips for new bloggers

Blahhhh. Blogggg. Ha! I was going to write out a post about how I prewrite and schedule ALL of my posts in advanceView full post »

Two weeks in | a self employment update

Today marks two weeks since I left my full time job and so far I think it’s everything I thought it would be…View full post »

A preview and an announcement!

This past weekend John and I drove out to Gaithersburg, Maryland to shoot Maddie and John’s beautiful wedding!View full post »

Kelly Moore B Hobo bag review

Gee, the title of this post couldn’t be much more obvious, could it? Unforunately, I’m on a little bit tooView full post »

The Katelyn James Workshop Experience

If you read my blog every once in a while (Thank you!!) you might have seen a post a while back where I explained how IView full post »

For photographers: Renting gear

There are lots of decisions that go into running a photography business…one of the big ones will always be: WhereView full post »


I finally figured out pretty much all of my packaging materials. There is one small exception…gray striped tissueView full post »