With all of the rain and the cooler temperatures over the past couple days, I’ve been starting to get a little more excited for Fall! I usually don’t get into the Fall spirit until it actually feels like it outside, but this morning I’m dreaming up what I’d like my Fall wardrobe to look like! [ Continue Reading … ]

DC Engagement Session_0030

Earlier this week we made somewhat of a spur of the moment decision…we’re going to California this fall! I signed up for Ben Sasso’s Foster Workshop held north of LA. The very next day we decided, hey, if I’m already going to be out there, and we’re paying for my airfare anyway, let’s just make [ Continue Reading … ]


Inspired By

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0874

After WPPI, I was so ready to come home and figure out what really inspires me. I’ve been working on pinning things that really speak to me and also looking through books and magazines too for things to analyze and study. I’m not doing this to copy the things that inspire me…I want to figure [ Continue Reading … ]

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Thank you so much to everyone who voted in this year’s Canvas Contest!! I’m so excited to announce this year’s winners with you all! In first place, we have Becca and Matt, who will receive a 20×30 canvas!! In second place, Ann Carlisle and Ryan! They will receive an 11×14 canvas! In third place, Chrissy [ Continue Reading … ]



Katie Nesbitt

I have been feeling super stressed and burned out the past few days. Mostly because it’s been such a busy season so far and running two businesses, training for a half marathon, and planning a workshop for the fall have been making things a little crazier than normal. Don’t get me wrong, I love being [ Continue Reading … ]


Library card


I got a library card yesterday and it took me back to when I was little and my mom would take us there at least once a week. We’d leave with literally STACKS of books that we’d devour in less than a week! Reading was such a huge part of my life when I was [ Continue Reading … ]

Birthday giveaway

My birthday is on Sunday, so I thought it would be fun to give you guys a gift! Since I can’t really give ALL of you guys a gift, I’ve put together a little “birthday in a box” for one of you to win! The birthday in a box has a few of my favorite [ Continue Reading … ]


Okay you guys….it’s time to get real for a little bit. Last week I shared that it’s been a year since I took the leap and went full time with my business. It’s been such an amazing journey, but not without it’s pitfalls. I had only officially started my business a little over a year [ Continue Reading … ]


I’m particularly excited about this weekend and next weekend…we are shooting in Annapolis this weekend and New Jersey next weekend! So two road trip weekends in a row. We’re planning to use both out of town wedding weekends as excuses to be tourists…so this weekend we will be exploring downtown Annapolis on Sunday, and then [ Continue Reading … ]


I know I have been absent from the blog so much more than usual lately and I’m so sorry about that! Who knew that shooting so many weddings the past few weeks would mean so much more office time than usual? That’s definitely something I didn’t anticipate when I first started photography. I really enjoy [ Continue Reading … ]