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2017 Wedding Outtakes

Sharing behind the scenes funnies is one of my favorite ways to round out another year of shooting! I started sharingView full post »

5 Year Self Employment Anniversary!

We all know that feeling…that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you look at the clock and realizeView full post »

Monthly Meeting – June

I just woke up this morning and realized that it’s already halfway through June! And not only that, I’m justView full post »

Monthly Meeting – May

I have no idea how it’s not only MAY already but halfway through it! I say this every year, but this year seems toView full post »

Monthly Meeting – April 2017

I don’t know about you, but it seemed to me like March was not only the longest month ever, but that it also flew byView full post »

Monthly Meeting – March 2017

It’s a new month and I’m ready to try out something new…namely a new series here on the blog! Over the years I’View full post »

Off Season Projects

Though I know busy season is right around the corner (I can feel it especially well, thanks to these beautiful 70 degreeView full post »

2017 Goals

2017. This year holds so much weight for me personally because it’s kind of a big year…I’ll turn 30 inView full post »

2016 Goal Recap

One thing I’ve learned about growing the business continually over the past five years is that things changes andView full post »

Five Years of KNP!

Over the weekend I celebrated a HUGE milestone! Saturday marked the five year anniversary of KNP. Five years agoView full post »

What I Do During Off Season

One of the biggest things that people are surprised to learn about my job is that photography itself is actually a veryView full post »

Working out & Business

I kind of think it’s hilarious that I’m even writing this post. Me, of all people! I was basically allergicView full post »

The Top 10 Reasons I love being a Wedding Photographer

When 2016 arrived a few weeks ago, I realized that in April of this year, my very FIRST wedding clients will celebrateView full post »

2016 Goals

2016. Feels so weird to say (and read!) it doesn’t it? This time of year always feels like there’s so muchView full post »

2015 To Do List – Recap

This time of year I start to feel a lot more contemplative. I spend more time thinking about the year that’sView full post »