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Planning Tips: What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Want to know something funny? Before we started photographing weddings almost six years ago the only wedding we’dView full post »

How I Prepare to Have My Photo Taken

One thing that surprises a lot of people about me is that I actually hate having my photo taken. It’s not that I donView full post »

Why You Should Consider a Bridal Session

The other night I started an Instagram post about why I think bridal sessions are a really great idea and realized thatView full post »

For Brides – A City Wedding Tip

Today’s blog post is specifically for brides who are getting married in a big city! While the logistics of havingView full post »

FAQ – Reception Detail Shots

If you’re like a lot of couples, you’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money into putting together yourView full post »

Making Family Formals Run Smoothly

Family formals are one of the important pieces of each wedding day. The family photos you take on your wedding day notView full post »

For Brides: Bouquet Envy

One of the wedding day investments that goes the farthest is the bride’s bouquet! In general, having incredibleView full post »

Tips for an Amazing Sparkler Send Off

There are a lot of wedding related things that may seem sort of mysterious to people who have never planned a weddingView full post »

Engagement Session Tips

Getting the Most Out of Your Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are one of the best ways to prepare yourself for having your photograph taken all day on yourView full post »

My #1 Recommendation (For Amateur Photogs)

One question I get a lot from friends and family who are just getting their feet wet in the world of digital photographyView full post »

Wedding Day Timeline Tips and Tricks

I wrote about wedding day timelines in the past, but since it’s been over two years since I initially discussedView full post »

Printing Rights VS Copyrights

Questions about image rights are always frequently asked questions for us, as well as probably most photographers. ThereView full post »

How to take better pictures with any camera

Since I started taking photography seriously, I’ve gotten questions from friends and family on how they can takeView full post »

If it Rains on Your Wedding Day

No one likes to think about this, but the reality is, you can’t control what the weather will be like on yourView full post »

Unplugged Weddings

It’s funny…I’ve been meaning to write about unplugged weddings here on the blog to educate my clientsView full post »