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One of the wedding day investments that goes the farthest is the bride’s bouquet! In general, having incredible flowers does so much to add to your wedding day decor and the overall atmosphere of the day. But investing in your bouquet in particular gets you a huge return on investment. Especially, if you’re spending a [ Continue Reading … ]

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There are a lot of wedding related things that may seem sort of mysterious to people who have never planned a wedding before…exits are definitely one of them. Since I’ve been around the block a couple times (when it comes to weddings, that is), I wanted to share my best tips for creating an amazing, [ Continue Reading … ]

Engagement Session Tips

Engagement sessions are one of the best ways to prepare yourself for having your photograph taken all day on your wedding day. Since most people aren’t professional models and don’t have experience being photographed by a pro photographer, the engagement session is a great opportunity to warm up and get used to having being in [ Continue Reading … ]

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One question I get a lot from friends and family who are just getting their feet wet in the world of digital photography is “What kind of camera do you suggest??”. The truth is, most entry level camera are pretty similar and most of them do everything (and more) that the average person will need [ Continue Reading … ]


I wrote about wedding day timelines in the past, but since it’s been over two years since I initially discussed them here, I thought it was time to talk about them again! Having a well thought out timeline is crucial to not only making sure that your wedding day goes smoothly, but to ensuring you [ Continue Reading … ]


Questions about image rights are always frequently asked questions for us, as well as probably most photographers. There are “helpful” wedding websites out there with tips on working with photographers that tell couples they need the copyrights to the images. I’m never quite sure where they get the questions on those lists! For 9.9 out of [ Continue Reading … ]

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Since I started taking photography seriously, I’ve gotten questions from friends and family on how they can take better pictures. A lot of people think they key to better pictures lies in a pro quality dslr, but that’s not necessarily true. My interest in photography started out with a $150 Canon point and shoot that [ Continue Reading … ]

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No one likes to think about this, but the reality is, you can’t control what the weather will be like on your wedding day. You can’t change the date either, depending on what the forecast says. So you just have to kind of learn to roll with it. After shooting quite a few rainy day [ Continue Reading … ]

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It’s funny…I’ve been meaning to write about unplugged weddings here on the blog to educate my clients on what they are, and the benefits of them, but more and more I’ve been having clients have unplugged weddings…or new potential clients telling me that’s what they want…and asking me about how they should go about it! [ Continue Reading … ]

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This time of year is the most popular time to get engaged! John and I got engaged both times around the holidays (long story…and no, we never broke up!) and so many of our couples have too! That being said, lots of people are going to start planning their 2014 weddings right away…this means if [ Continue Reading … ]