It came to my attention thanks to social media that last Friday was National Proposal Day! First of all, how would anyone know about any of the random holidays out there now (like National Sibling Day, or Drink Wine Day, etc) without Facebook or Instagram?? I would be missing out on celebrating all kinds of [ Continue Reading … ]


This is going to be one of those blog posts that really seems like it has nothing to do with anything until you get close to the end. I promise, if you stick with my rambling story, there will be a direct correlation between the crazy story and my business!! Bear with me! Friday night [ Continue Reading … ]

I had a nice, heartfelt blog post planned for today, my sister’s 26th birthday, but due to circumstances out of my control (namely, a mug cake incident gone horribly wrong) I’m computer less until probably Wednesday and my only ways of communicating with the Internet world are my phone and a two versions old ipad [ Continue Reading … ]

Destination Wedding Photographer Frazier Park Photographer_0054

Black Friday shopping is a holiday season tradition for the Nesbitts! We love how festive and fun it is to get up super early (or stay up really late) and go out to shop with family while we’re visiting them. As fun as Black Friday can be, I also think it’s really important to support [ Continue Reading … ]

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I’ve lived in Virginia for almost my entire life and I never knew how amazing Charlottesville really is until the last year or so! It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been…and I live so close to it! Charlottesville is perfect for weddings year round, but this time of year it just takes [ Continue Reading … ]


I was going to share a post today “officially” opening up registration (pre-registration started Friday), but all of the seats are completely sold out! That feels so surreal to say, but I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome such a cool group of people to hang out in Charlottesville! Actually, thrilled  might be an understatement:) [ Continue Reading … ]


I had been looking forward to shooting this engagement session for Maureen and Jess ever since they booked me a while back! I remembered them describing the location they had in mind (the family farm where Jess grew up) and thinking it sounded so awesome and so unique to them! When the day of the [ Continue Reading … ]


I know I say this all the time and I’m practically becoming a broken record, but HOW DOES TIME GO BY SO FAST? It seems to go by faster every year, and the scary thing about that is my mom says that it goes by even faster when you have kids. I can’t imagine time [ Continue Reading … ]


Sonic cherry limeades. Can we talk about how good they are for just a second? I love them so much. If I was going to pick one meal to have to eat every day for the rest of my life, I think I would pick Sonic tater tots and cherry limeade. So good. I decided that [ Continue Reading … ]


Yesterday I spent almost all day working on projects for a styled shoot my friend/former client Amanda and I are planning, so I thought today I’d share our inspiration with you guys! The theme of the shoot is summer brunch wedding  and we’ve got all kinds of neat ideas that I just can’t wait to shoot! From [ Continue Reading … ]