The Comus Inn Wedding Photo by Katie Nesbitt_0070

Maggie and Taylor are THE perfect example of my favorite kind of couples. They love photography, and are excited about photos. And about their wedding day!  Best of all, they are so thrilled to be getting married. This wedding at the Comus Inn last Friday was the perfect day! Days like that are the exact reason [ Continue Reading … ]

Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0054

It’s crazy how fast this year seems to be going by. I feel like it was just the beginning of April and now Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone. Busy season has a way of speeding up time for sure. Once we start a week, before we know it, it’s Friday again and time to pack [ Continue Reading … ]

Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0001

My favorite types of events are always the ones that are incredibly heart felt and personal. That’s not to say that everyone’s wedding day isn’t special…they always are. There’s not a feasible way for a wedding day to not be a wonderful day. But to me, the ones that always stick out the most are the [ Continue Reading … ]

Panorama Farms Wedding in Charlottesville VA_002

This week is a short week for me, so I’ve got five days of work to get done within four as we prepare for a wedding this Friday!  Our anniversary is this Thursday, so my goal is to have my to-do list wrapped up as early as possible that day so that we can do [ Continue Reading … ]

Washington DC Wedding Photography_0026

Last Saturday was the perfect day for a wedding! I personally think May is probably the best month to get married in…and okay, I might be a little biased since John and I were married in May, but you can’t beat the weather, all of the beautiful flowers in season, and the fact that Cinco [ Continue Reading … ]