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Chocolate Cake.

It all started with a chocolate cake.

About six summers ago I found myself falling very deep in like with this guy that I’d become friends with. He wasn’t exactly the person I had always pictured falling in love with (and I’m sure I wasn’t the person he imagined either…) and neither of us was really ready for a relationship, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I wanted to spend all of my free time with him…wanted to hang out at his apartment for hours and hours and talk on the phone with him all night. I loved his goofy jokes and the way he smelled made me want to hug him when I got near him. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. I loved that John smell so much! Still do.

I wasn’t the most experienced in the dating department and I was SO much more socially awkward back then (imagine that!) so I didn’t know how to tell if he felt the same way about me. I also had no idea how to ask without potentially ruining what was an awesome friendship if he didn’t have feelings for me too. At the time I didn’t realize that the signs were all there…he felt the same way and was afraid to say something and ruin what we had. Eventually I would figure it out, but first I baked a chocolate cake.

Here’s the thing…John HATES chocolate cake. I know, right? Who hates CHOCOLATE CAKE?? What’s wrong with this guy? He’s weird! I had asked another co worker to ask him what type of cake he liked (I was trying to be sneaky!) and when she didn’t find out for me, I just decided that I would make chocolate because, hey, who DOESN’T like chocolate cake? It turned out that even though he has a ridiculous sweet tooth and loves almost every other type of dessert, chocolate cake was the ONE THING he couldn’t stand. So when I invited him to hang out and have dinner to celebrate his birthday and then surprised him with the cake, his reaction wasn’t quite what I expected.

In case you’re wondering, this WASN’T  the night we officially started dating.

A few nights later, after trying to figure out why the cake hadn’t worked, I was riding in the backseat of the driving instructor’s car (I took driver’s improvement when I was 19 after an accident left me scared to drive) texting him. I was finally fed up with waiting around to see if he had feelings for me, so I just decided to text him and ask outright. I can’t remember the exact words, but I do very clearly remember how my stomach felt like it was in my throat from the time I finished typing the words and hitting send until the time I got a reply. I also remember grinning from ear to ear when he wrote back whatever it was affirming that, yes, he did have feelings for me as well.

This year will mean we’ve celebrated six more of his birthdays together since that one in 2007 and I’m happy to say that our relationship hasn’t ruined our friendship! Haha. If anything, it’s our friendship that’s strengthened our relationship. Being friends first gave us a solid foundation to build a life together upon. Above all else, John is truly my best friend and having him to share all of my best and worst moments with has been something so wonderful that at times I don’t think that I deserve it. This Saturday we will share another one of this birthdays (a day that is a sad day for me in so many other ways) and look back on those days when we were just friends and didn’t have any idea what our life together would hold. So many amazing things have happened for the two of us since the summer of 2007, and I know so many more incredible experiences and stories are still to come.

I can’t wait to share them all with my best friend, who turns 28 tomorrow:)

Photo by Katelyn James


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Happy birthday, John! And don’t worry, I’ll eat that chocolate cake for you… it won’t go to waste!

Love the picture and the story!!!! Good looking couple! My son doesn’t like chocolate cake either:)


i’ve been following your blog a little while now after stumbling it from i dont remember where and my first time to *comment*!
love this story! soo cute!! happy wkdn to you!

This is so sweet <3 I love your story! Steve and I were friends before we started dating for YEARS and like you, I took the initiative and sent the text (actually it was an email). Though mine was cryptic and I made him read into it. Haha. I'm so glad we (both you and me) decided to man up and make the first move! I don't know about John but Steve said that he probably never would have even though he was interested because he didn't want to ruin anything! IMAGINE IF I DIDN'T!?! WHAT IF YOU DIDN'T!?! Crazysauce. Anyway, I love this story, I think you two are adorable together, and Happy Birthday John!

Happy birthday! What a sweet love story.


Adorable! You two are truly an amazing couple. And not that you care, my favorite cake is chocolate with chocolate icing – nobody could blame ya Katie for assuming John might like chocolate cake 🙂 Happy Birthday John!!

easily one of my favorite couples of all time.

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