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diy Cake Stand!

These days, a traditional three tiered wedding cake is no longer a given at a wedding. Brides and grooms are choosing all sorts of creative cakes and desserts to celebrate their wedding day! I love this trend and think that choosing a dessert that suits you is a great way to personalize your wedding day and add something fun!

Today’s DIY is actually a cake (or dessert) stand that could be used to house a small cake, cupcakes, pie, or even cookies or donuts! Not only would this cake stand be lots of fun on display at a wedding, but it would be something fun you could continue to use at home after the wedding!

Here’s how I made my cake stand:

1. Gather supplies.

You will need:

  • A plate
  • Candlestick
  • Spray paint (in the color of your choice)
  • Clear expoy (not pictured)
  • Polyurethane spray

I bought the plates and the candlestick at the dollar tree, but I found lots of both at thrift stores for the stands I made for our wedding. The expoxy, spray paint, and polyurethane I already owned, but you can find them at Home Depot or any other home improvement store.

2. Spray Paint
You could spray paint everything after you have it glued together, but I have found that it works easier for me if I paint the entire piece before I put it together.  The trick to spray painting is to do several light coats instead of one thick coat. The finish will look so much more even if you are patient!

3. Poly!
Step three is pretty much like step two, but instead of painting the stand, you will be spraying a light coat of polyurethane over it to protect it! Adding polyurethane to your stand will add a shiny finish, help the paint job last longer, and make it durable enough to be wiped clean and washed with warm soap and water after you use it:)

4. Attach with epoxy
This part is really easy. All you do is put epoxy on the candlestick, center it on the bottom of the plate and attach! You can add some heavy books or something to the top of it to help it seal.

5. Add treats and enjoy

And that’s it! Also, before I close  out this post, I wanted to wish my parents a happy 20th anniversary!! Love you guys!


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This is so cute! And so easy. Thanks, Katie!

doing. this. asap. thanks chica! looks great 🙂

so cute!!!

I’m making these next week for a photoshoot! So easy and fun!

obsessed. love it. and so cheap!

Such a great idea!

So fun!! And something that I think I could do!! 🙂

I made these for my wedding and still use them!! and I’m pretty sure I used those exact same plates…CRAZY! love them.

This is such a great idea! I might do something like this for my wedding!

love that backdrop and the color you painted the cake stand! cute cute cute!

love this! i will definitely be making these!

such a great diy project 🙂

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