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DIY Makeup Tray

Today’s DIY project is super simple and can be adapted to make about a thousand different things if you wanted to! I made a little tray to hold my makeup in our bathroom, but I was thinking it would be cute to make one of these to hold keys by the door, or to hold jewelry and a phone near your bed…like I said before, it could be easily adapted into whatever you want!


– Gold Sharpie (found at Target)
– Porcelain tray
– Clear epoxy (not pictured)


All I did was draw on little dots…I staggered each row a little bit so it would look more organic. The dots themselves are very hand drawn looking, but that’s totally okay with me…I like that kind of look. If you wanted the dots to look cleaner, you could probably do smaller dots or just use some sort of stencil.

When you’ve finished drawing on your dots…spray a coat or two of clear epoxy onto the tray for protection. I use this kind unless I’m going for a super SUPER shiny sheen (say that three times fast!) and then I use this.

_MG_3627 _MG_3628 _MG_3651


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So cute 🙂

Cute cute!! I wrote on some plates last year but the dishwasher removed some of the letters hahaha! I might have better luck just sticking to the decorative pieces!

Becca B.

oo definitely trying this! and i love that you use bare minerals, it’s the best.

this is ADORABLE!!! i love easy, creative DIYs like this!

Absolutly love this, will try soon!

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