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Favorite Unscripted Moments of 2016

For the last few years, in addition to my annual favorite detail and wedding image posts, I’ve curated one of my favorite unscripted moments too. You might be wondering “Why another post instead of just putting them all together into one?”. I think that each component of the wedding day is important (details, portraits, etc) but I think that candid, “unscripted” moments are the glue that bind things together. They’re what makes the story of a wedding day a real life story and not just a series of pretty photos strung together. They’re what give a wedding day gallery true meaning!

Often these unscripted moments don’t get as much time to shine as the portraits posed in just the right light or the details that were styled “just so” for that perfect photo, but I’m excited to share some of the moments that I loved from last year with you guys today!

I loved the look that Laura and her mom shared as the final touches were put on her gown!

Brett’s dance with his mom during his reception was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen at a wedding! I don’t think I saw a dry eye in the house!

Beth and Mike’s heartfelt ceremony was so sweet!

I secretly love it when the groom cries when he does a first look with his bride. James’ reaction to Emily was my favorite! He couldn’t get over her beautiful gown!

Emilee and Jonathan’s first dance was to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from the Lion King, which was awesome to begin with, but their dance was adorable too!

This image still brings a tear to my eye! Nick and Robyn and Nick’s daughter all shared an emotional moment right after the ceremony. They all share so much love and you can feel it in this image!

How pumped were Sarah and Brett were to enter their reception??

I loved Starski’s reaction to Jessi’s vows at their ceremony!

How cute are Amie and Chris??

David and Abby radiated joy during their ceremony exit!!

I didn’t get to see the outcome of this selfie, but I have a feeling it was pretty fantastic…

John’s reaction to seeing Christine for the first time was priceless!!

Best reception entrance ever!

I’ll end with this one because it’s one of my all time favorite first look images…geez, is it dusty in here, or is there something in my eye??


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Oh my goodness, I love these sooo much! I love that you gave these moments their own blog post. It shows that you are really great at capturing those candids too!

All the feels! Absolutely gorgeous, Katie!

What a beautiful post, Katie!!!! Love these so much — and that final first look photo is to die for!

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