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Linen Albums

I love getting mail, but some days there aren’t really many fun things waiting for me in the mailbox. Lately it’s been bills, and more bills with some junk mail thrown in. Not my favorite! Don’t you feel like junk mail is such a waste?? Yesterday was a good mail day, though! A gorgeous new album came in…Amanda and Drew’s linen album! Amanda and Drew are the first of our couples to receive a linen album as opposed to leather, so I was really excited to see this one. We use Madera books for these, and as always, I was incredibly impressed by the quality.

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Here’s a little video I made of this album! Hopefully this gives you an idea of how beautiful this book is!

Linen Albums from Katie Hill on Vimeo.


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So fun! I love Madera these days!!


Pretty!!! I love the video, thanks for sharing!

it’s so beautiful!! love the video you added in- so awesome!

I use Madera too and love them!

I love linen albums and now I feel like I should probably check out Madera!

I LOVE LINEN ALBUMS! I am offering both linen and leather this year and transitioning to just linen next year. This one is beautiful!


Beautiful and thanks for the added video which really shows the quality.

Gosh I love that simple linen cover. It”s so classy and elegant. And the pictures inside are so gorgeous.

I’ve been wanting to check out Madera. So pretty!

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