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A living room peek

When our Christmas tree comes down, I get a little sad that Christmas is over so I use that as an excuse to freshen up our living room a little bit! Over holiday break we made the trek to Ikea for a second Expedit bookcase, which now houses our TV and the rest of our living room stuff. It’s a little different than the setup we had before, but I love it because there’s a lot more storage and the white is visually lighter than the black stuff we had before.

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0289Virginia Wedding Photographer_0281

I also made the little terrarium out of a Target vase and some succulents/cactuses we already had. I’m obsessed with them!

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0283Virginia Wedding Photographer_0285Virginia Wedding Photographer_0284Virginia Wedding Photographer_0282Virginia Wedding Photographer_0286


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Such a cute living room. Love the frames, and are those IKEA boxes? 😛 Can’t wait to start decorating my little space (that is still in renovation process sadly) – but I’ll have a cool new office and living room. 🙂

Love it! Your Terrarium looks great! 🙂

I get depressed when the Christmas tree comes down too. However, you have a super cute space. P.S. Where did you get that black and white pillow from?

Your MD and VA prints are adorable anyway, but I am kind of obsessed with the fact that they’re neighboring states and they look like puzzle pieces. Silly but true. Spooning states!

This is too funny.. We have the same shelf, boxes, baskets, and magazine organizer things in our apartment!! Great minds think alike 🙂 I’m LOVING your VA and MD prints, where did you get them??

Katie Nesbitt

Yes, Ikea boxes!!

Katie Nesbitt

Ikea! My fave!!

Katie Nesbitt

Haha that’s awesome!! I actually made the state canvases!

I LOVE your sense of style! These are perfect!

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