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Needing a break

It’s been at least a year or so since I started blogging five days a week. In the beginning, it was amazing! I felt like there were so many things to write about and I almost felt like topics were just spilling out of me. Even though at times it seemed like I was writing to myself, it was so gratifying! I also believe that blogging every day made a huge impact on my business. I think it helped me grow much more quickly than I think I would have otherwise. I was constantly bringing posts with images, advice, and little tidbits about myself in front of the general public. Giving people a reason to read. A reason to visit the blog on a regular basis. People really like consistency and I think that’s one of the reasons that my blog audience was able to grow so quickly! There are a ton of reasons I’m so glad that I did it…from attracting clients who love me and trust me, to feeling like I’m actually helping people by sharing information.

That being said, lately the blog feels like a little bit of a burden to me. Maybe I’m feeling the stress of trying to start a second business (which happens to be a blog itself), or maybe I’m in a rut. Either way, blogging is no longer the joy that it was when I first started. It’s become somewhat of a chore and I hate feeling that way, because deep down, it really is one of my passions! I believe that we all go through peaks and valleys in our businesses (and in our lives), so I’m thinking this is just a little valley for my blog.

I can’t decide if this means that I need a little hiatus from the blog…or if it means that I will continue to blog every day and just change up how I do things. I don’t think I could ever quit blogging for good…but I think maybe even cutting back on the number of days a week I blog could be a solution. We’ll see!





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Take the time that you need! I’m sure you’ll be back feeling more inspired & creative!

I can definitely understand the pressure, especially since you are starting a new Blog based business! Don’t feel guilty about taking a break or scaling down the amount of posts per week! Your audience will stick around 🙂

Everyone needs a break girl! Maybe try blogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday? or Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!Whatever works best for YOU! I am so excited for your new business! I know BIG things are in store for you 🙂

Do what your heart tells you! Blog what you want, WHEN you want.. I think taking a day or two off a week would help you feel less pressured to be creating content every day!

I seem to blog three days a week and that works well for me! 🙂 Follow your heart! Don’t let it stress you too much!

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