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I had pre-written another post to share with you guys today in honor of my first anniversary as a wife.  But I woke up feeling emotional and decided to write what was on my heart this morning instead. I feel like this post is borderline on almost OVER sharing and some people might even say that it is. But I think that emotional posts are the most relatable and if there is even one person who can relate, I feel like it was worth it to share.

It’s time for me to make a confession. Actually, it’s not so much of a confession as it is just an admittance of something a lot of people might not know about me. I was adopted as an infant and brought to the United States from Korea when I was four months old. You might be wondering what that has to do with my marriage, but it  has everything to do with it. Although I always knew my parents loved me more than anything (and I had four parents who love me to death) and my sister loved me just as much, I think there was a part of me that for a long time was very lost and confused. And I never really understood why I felt that way until I met John and finally felt like I was where I belonged.

It might sound weird to other people, especially those who are not adopted, but I have never really felt like I was accepted by others until John. His acceptance isn’t the unconditional love of parents who got to know me as I grew up into who I am today. It isn’t the easy camaraderie that you share with friends who know the persona you have put together for yourself. It’s the love of the CHOICE of someone who has gotten to know me over five years time, who has lived with me, cried with me, and put up with me when I’m a jerk. We lived together three years and he STILL decided to show up on our wedding day. What means so much to me, is that he has seen me at my worst and still chose to commit his life to me. And after a lifetime of being afraid of abandonment and unconsciously being hurt by that first choice my biological mom made for me, having someone stand up and say in front of all the people closest to us that he will love me forever is the best thing I feel like I will work the rest of my life to deserve.

To me, marriage means we both had a choice. And I was chosen for real this time by somebody who knows the real me.

Photo by Jodi and Kurt of Jodi Miller Photography


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oh my goodness… teary eyed before i even get to work. <3 happy anniversary you guys, you rule.


Yep! The title of this post says it all- – very emotional and touching. What you two have is very special! Happy Anniversary, Katie and John!

Katie – what a beautiful story! I’m so glad and thankful you shared it 🙂 Happy anniversary!


Totally just cried. I don’t know what you were going to post, but this was beautiful. Congrats on your first year, lady friend!

Such an emotional post – Thank you for sharing this! Happy Anniversary love! 🙂

Beautiful post, so very touching. I’m so happy for you both that you found each other! 🙂

This is a beautiful post, Katie! I get so moved by my husband as well, constantly wondering how he can love me? You’re right – it’s something about someone choosing to love you, rather than the love that our families have for us. Yes, they choose to love us to, but it’s also partly an obligation. A husband’s love for his wife is a choice, and we are both blessed with husbands who love us for exactly who we are. Thanks for sharing this!

YAY!! Love this post 🙂 Happy Anniversary Katie and John!

You’re absolutely right, Katie. The emotional posts are the ones people can most relate to. This post is amazing, and makes me appreciate the choice my fiance is making to have me as his wife. Thank you for sharing, and a very Happy Anniversary to you guys.

Beth Hamilton

Beautiful post Katie! Thanks for your honesty and Happy Anniversary!

Becca Smethurst

This is so sweet. 🙂 love your openness. happy anniversary to you both!

This is so incredibly sweet and I feel so fortunate you decided to share this. These feelings are those which resonate with many. From the few hours I got to know you in Richmond I knew instantly of the amazingness you have inside you. You are a happy loving person which is completely infectious! This post, while it seems crazy to me, (who could ever not accept you?!) I understand it and you are even more incredible of a person for standing strong through it all. This is very inspiring and above all happy anniversary! The love you have for John is why I got into the wedding industry – genuine and everlasting. Thank you for sharing Katie 🙂

oh my gosh. i just cried like a baby and i’m sitting at my work desk trying to hold it together. katie, this is a wonderful post honest, true, and VERY personal. i love it. marriage is the BEST and i’m so happy you have someone like John to love you like you deserve! you are wonderful 🙂

Beautiful post Katie 🙂 I’m so excited for you, your future, and your future with John! Congrats on one year and here’s to a million more! <3

Happy anniversary! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us! 🙂

Happy Anniversary you two!! We are so thankful and honored we had the opportunity to work with you both on your wedding day!! It was incredibly beautiful to witness. You both are such a sweet and amazing couple and we wish you guys so many more years of marital bliss 🙂

You are so beautiful, both inside and out. I am so glad for you that you found the person who completes you fully and completely. Happy anniversary to you both!

Happy anniversary! Such sweet words!

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