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Our Proposal Story

It came to my attention thanks to social media that last Friday was National Proposal Day! First of all, how would anyone know about any of the random holidays out there now (like National Sibling Day, or Drink Wine Day, etc) without Facebook or Instagram?? I would be missing out on celebrating all kinds of fun things! One of my favorite things to hear from each couple we chat with about wedding photography is about how they got engaged! These stories are always so much fun and they usually tell you a lot about the couple and their relationship dynamic. I’ve never blogged our proposal story before (but I did share how we came to start living together here), but I thought this holiday was the perfect excuse!

Photo by Katelyn James

We had been living together for a little while when we started to realize that we were both in it for the long haul. Neither one of us could imagine a future where we weren’t together. We knew that our lives were basically becoming one life that we shared, marriage or not. I can’t actually remember having an initial discussion about getting married, but I remember looking for rings together. It started kind of casually as it sometimes does at that stage in a relationship…by just popping into a jewelry store while you’re already in the mall anyway. I pointed out some styles I liked and we actually bought a ring.

That sounds horribly unromantic, doesn’t it? Like it was just a mutual decision like any other we’d make on a regular basis…like deciding to order chinese food and then going to pick it up together. Big whoop, right??? John decided that he was going to keep it and then just come up with a way to propose to me that felt right to him. I protested…I didn’t care. I’m not really one for a big spectacle and the idea of a big production made me anxious. It being a mutual decision would have been a-ok with me…I just wanted to be engaged and then get married!

The Sunday morning before Christmas was when it finally happened. It started out like any other Sunday morning would for us, with a breakfast run. John went out to get us something to eat from Burger King and I waited at home for him to get back. When he arrived with the food, I tore into the bag, starving. John disappeared for a minute, but I didn’t really read anything into it. I figured he was washing his hands or something. In all honesty, I was probably just super focused on eating!

I was sitting there, my mouth full of ham and egg croisanwich when John came out with the ring box. There I was, wearing pajamas, with a greasy sandwich in one hand, probably looking kind of homeless when he proposed. I wish I could remember exactly what he said, but I don’t remember the specific words. I remember him saying that our life together was the best thing about his life, and knowing in my heart that I felt the exact same way. We haven’t had a perfect life and we don’t have a perfect relationship, but what we do have is very special, and it makes my life worth living! When he opened the ring box, I expected to see the ring we’d picked out all those months ago, but instead, a pile of cat kibbles fell out.

What the heck? I was confused for a second, but John got up and said “Oh, that’s weird” and left the room. “LUCY,” I heard him saying as he came back into the room carrying our cat/child “What are your kibbles doing in the ring box??” He brought her to me, and that’s when I saw that the ring was on her collar like she had stolen it and left her kibbles in the box! It was hilarious and also perfect because Lucy is a huge part of our life. John took it from her collar and asked me to be his wife. Spoiler alert: I said yes.

Geometric Romance by Katie Nesbitt_0046

So, that’s how we got engaged! With Burger King crumbs all over my face and cat food inside of the ring box, I became John’s fiancé. The proposal wasn’t glamorous or super romantic, but it was US. It was sweet and simple and reflected the life that I was so happy to say yes to living for the rest of my time on Earth.


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This is the cutest, sweetest story of all time!! Also, if every proposal included the words “probably looking kind of homeless when he proposed,” the world would be a better place — you are hilarious, Katie!!

What a unique proposal! Love it 🙂 And your cat with the ring on the collar is so cute!

This is such a sweet story! I love it so much! 🙂

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