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Fells Point Engagement Photos | Kimmy + Ross

With all of the crazy weather we had towards the beginning of wedding season, it’s been a while since I’ve had perfect shooting weather. It’s been super hot, rainy, humid, etc almost every shoot or wedding. This particular weekend was warm, but we lucked out with a beautiful evening for Kimmy and Ross’ engagement session Sunday night! It was the kind of night that reminded me exactly why I love Baltimore, especially Fells Point!

This session is also a perfect example of why we start our sessions about an hour and a half to two hours before sunset…you can’t beat that glow that time of day!

Kimmy and Ross were so much fun to be around! I can tell just from spending a little bit of time with them that their wedding day is going to be a killer party! We’re looking forward to celebrating with them in a year’s time 🙂



Capitol Hill Engagement Photos | Allison + Blake

Now that I’ve been shooting in DC for a while now, I’ve done quite a few sessions on the Mall and at the monuments, but this was one of only a couple that I’ve done around the Capitol and I thought it was perfect! Instead of being crowded with tons of tourists like the Mall tends to be on weekends, it was pretty quiet since most of the people who work on the Hill weren’t at work. Allison and Blake also spend lots of time together walking that area. They both work a lot and Blake is often traveling for his job, so one of their favorite things to do in the evenings is meet up for a little stroll. Capitol Hill is one of their favorite places to spend some time connecting with one another, which I think is so sweet!

I’m so looking forward to their wedding this Fall! Just a few minutes interacting with them and you can tell how head over heels in love they are with one another! This also makes them a dream to photograph! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.

Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_001Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_002Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_003Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_004Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_005Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_006Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0054Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_007Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_008Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_009Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_012Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_010Capitol Hill Engagement Photos_011


Westfield Marriott Wedding | Lauren + Taylor

It has been a HOT summer this year. So hot that it almost seems like the heat has been an uninvited extra guest at a lot of our summer weddings. I will take the heat over the rain though, especially when we get to work with couples like Lauren and Taylor! The heat didn’t seem to phase them much, but after our sunrise engagement session at the Cherry Blossoms (on Easter Sunday!!) I think they were pretty much prepared for anything!

I was prepared for their wedding to be a gorgeous day, and it totally lived up to my expectations! Lauren picked out such beautiful details from her Badgley Mischka heels to the florals (dahlias, anyone??). From the sweet ceremony to the hilarious toasts and crazy dance party, it was such a wonderful wedding day and we were so thankful to get to be a part of it!

Lauren and Taylor, we hope you are enjoying Maui and that you love these photos!

Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0001Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0002Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0003Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0005Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0006Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0008Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0007Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0004Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0009Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0010Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0011Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0012

Newlyweds!! After the ceremony ended, we  headed to the Westfield’s Marriott for their portraits. You’d never know by looking at these two that it was over 100 degrees with the heat index! Lauren, Taylor, and their entire bridal party were such troopers!

Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0013Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0014Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0015Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0016Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0018Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0020Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0019Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0017Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0021

I don’t shoot indoor portraits a ton, but this little nook was perfect for a few photos and the air conditioning was a welcome escape from the heat!

Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0034Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0035Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0022Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0023Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0024Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0025Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0026Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0027Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0028Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0029Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0030Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0031Westfield Marriott Wedding Chantilly Virginia Photographer_0032


Venue: Westfield Marriott
Planner: Iconic Events
Flowers: Twinbrook Floral Design
Cake: Fluffy Thoughts
Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup Unveiled
Dress: Sophia Tolli from White Swan Bridal
Music: Dj Teddy
Stationery: The Dandelion Patch

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St Regis Hotel Wedding | Abby + David

Abby and David are the kind of couple that are not just in love with one another, but they’re also best friends. You can tell by the way they interact with one another and the way that they make each other laugh. I loved being a part of their wedding day because it was so evident all day long how perfect they are for each other!

We don’t always get to do this, but we spent the weekend with them and their fun family and bridal party, starting with their Welcome Reception Friday night! They’re such a great group and we were thrilled to be able to capture both days for them! Here are a few of my favorites from Abby and David’s wedding day at the St Regis hotel in DC!

St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0008St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0009St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0002St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0004St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0007St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0005St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0006St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0010St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0011St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0019St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0013St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0021St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0020St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0022St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0032St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0042St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0034St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0036St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0023St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0025St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0024St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0017St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0018St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0027St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0031St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0028St Regis Washington DC Wedding Photos_0040

Huge thanks to my good friend Serena for shooting with us!


Venue: St Regis Washington DC
Planner: Theresa Meyers
Video: East West Productions
Flowers: Nature of Design
Hair: Hair by Giselle
Makeup: Beauty Mark
Music: NightSong
Stationery: Ashley’s
Bridal Gown: Rosa Clara


Georgetown Engagement Session | Amy + Reid

Before I was a photographer, I didn’t spend much time in DC, but now that I’m there frequently for work, I’ve grown to love it! I even have favorite neighborhoods! Georgetown is one of them, for sure. Even though M Street and the waterfront can be a little hectic, it’s such a quaint little area! Amy and Reid decided to have their engagement session there because Amy lived there for many years and it’s also where they had their first date and where Reid proposed!

I’m thankful that the weather held out so we didn’t have to reschedule our session and I’m so excited to be a part of what should be a beautiful wedding day when Amy and Reid get married next month!!

Enjoy a few of my favorite images!

Summer Georgetown Engagement Session_0001Summer Georgetown Engagement Session_0002Summer Georgetown Engagement Session_0003Summer Georgetown Engagement Session_0006Summer Georgetown Engagement Session_0008Summer Georgetown Engagement Session_0010Summer Georgetown Engagement Session_0007Summer Georgetown Engagement Session_0009Summer Georgetown Engagement Session_0005