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2016 Outtakes

Last year I didn’t get a chance to post an “out takes” post because my computer, with all of those images on it, was stolen right at the end of wedding season! Although I was really glad that none of my client images were lost, it sucked to lose the behind the scenes photos I’d been collecting for almost a year! This year passed without a computer fiasco and so I got to share yet another year of behind the scenes candids of us 🙂

One thing you’ll notice in viewing these photos is that it seems like I wear the same outfits…A LOT. This is actually true. I have three or four shooting outfits I wear depending on the weather and I usually stick to those!! If you are interested in getting in similarly plain, but dressy enough outfits for yourself, check out J Crew Factory and Loft, which is where most of my shooting clothes are from!

Enjoy a few of these silly photos!

John and the groom’s first look! HA!!!!

Shooting the rings at the reception since the groom’s ring wasn’t at getting ready. Though this is not what I normally like to do, if you have an off camera flash setup and you hang on to a copy of the invitation, you can make it work!

I’m always there to carry your dress!

Showing the couple how worth it it was to stay outside in the cold for just a few more minutes of photos! THAT LIGHT THO.

These little girls were so cute! And so interested in what I was doing!

My favorite summer wedding dress! From Loft!

I don’t know why I was doing this…I blame the over 100 degree heat!

Styling details!

Don’t mind me while I’m in your personal space while you eat dinner…

I call this one “calves”.

Styling details again!

Waiting for the ceremony to begin. I promise I’m more thrilled than I look!

Chatting with our third shooter for Abby and David’s wedding, Serena. Probably about Pokemon.

SERIOUSLY, that December light!!!

When it pours during the ceremony, bust out a giant umbrella.

Last but not least…I had John stand there to test an idea I wanted to try with our clients. It turned out great, but I never got the chance to do it with them after the reception started. At least I have this cool photo of John!


Love this post! And hah – that photo! Our conversation was probably was about Pokemon… 😀

Merry Christmas (and Happy New Year too!)

It’s hard to understand how it is that time seems to speed up more and more with every year that passes. I feel like I was just beginning to get used to writing 2016 on things and now we’re about to turn our calendars to 2017! I have no idea how year after year just flies by!

One thing I’ve learned though, is that the speedy passing of time just means that it’s more important than ever to really be intentional with how we spend our lives. It’s so key to remember to be present and to savor every moment of goodness that life sends our way, because it all just goes by way too fast. I hope that you can remember that this holiday season and into next year too!

Thanks for sticking around and being a friend of the business for yet another year!

Our 2016 Christmas card:

And, just for fun, a home movie I put together with some iPhone video clips taken throughout the year!

Our 2016 Home Movie from Katie Nesbitt on Vimeo.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! And a Happy New Year too! I’ve got a couple of posts scheduled for next week, but besides that, I will be on vacation until 2017. So see ya next year, friends!


Maryland Engagement Photos | Haley + Brett

As it’s started to get cooler and the leaves have started to fall, we’re also getting to spend some time with some of our 2017 couples! It’s crazy to think that 2016 is coming to a close already, but I can already tell that next year is shaping up to be a good one! We spent the afternoon with Haley and Brett in between their home in Pennsylvania and ours in Virginia at their wedding venue in Friendsville, Maryland! It was so perfectly Fall like the day of their session! We really enjoyed exploring the grounds of their venue and photographing them (and their puppies!!) and can’t wait to be a part of the big day next August!!



2016 Mini Session Favorites

Being a full time wedding photographer means that I often don’t have time to photograph things besides weddings, like families and other types of portrait sessions. Because of the personal and specialized service that I like to provide our clients means that I have to turn down other things a lot of the time. But once a year, I get to do some other fun things, (like families!) when I host my  mini session day! I can’t remember when exactly I started doing these annual mini session days, but I am so glad that I did because it gives me the chance to get to spend time with some really awesome people I might not otherwise get to enjoy!

This Fall I got to see a few old faces (including one of my couples from way back in 2012!!) and finally meet another internet friend in person! We lucked out with one of the most gorgeous days so far this month and I feel like we really used the beautiful day to our advantage! Thank you so much to all of the folks who made it out to this year’s minis and to everyone who continues to support my business and our little family! We love you guys!

Enjoy a few favorites!



Coming Soon to the Blog

Oh, hello! Long time no see! It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been a regular blogger, doesn’t it? For most of my business’s life, I blogged religiously, every single day, Monday – Friday. This year, though, I took a little bit of a hiatus from regular blogging and only posted when I had new work to share. With everything going on in our lives and also wanting to make my clients my top priority, the blog took a backseat, and though that was a little bit hard for me, I know it was the right choice! I’m excited to get back into things now though because I’ve missed writing here!  Now that our last wedding of 2016 is behind us and things are a bit quieter, I’ve got a ton of things to share with you guys. Here’s a look at what’s coming soon!

Amy and Chris’ wedding at Stockton Seaview in New Jersey was one of my favorites! Just look at those flowers and you can tell why! Amy has such good taste…her wedding was beautiful!


Allison and Blake are total sweethearts and their wedding day was one of the most elegant! I loved Allison’s wedding day style and how they put so much thought into carefully choosing each aspect of their wedding day, like the fact that they got married at the church that they met at!


Here’s just a small excerpt from my Fall Mini Sessions! Amber and Robert were my wedding clients FOUR years ago!!! I loved working with their family again! Lots more fun shots of them and my other mini session clients to come!


This casual session is probably one of my favorites from the entire year. My friend Sarah had her little boy not too long ago and asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking a few photos of the two of them at their home. It really was such an honor to take these photos for them!!


Last, but not least, you’ll want to get excited for Francis and Aamir’s beautiful Pakistani wedding celebration! The colors were so rich and vibrant! And the warm winter light didn’t hurt either! You won’t want to miss this one!


Besides these posts, I’m also working on some other things…some albums and fun posts for photographers! Keep an eye out!

Thanks for reading on this rainy Monday!