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July! A review in instagrams

There are only FIVE more months in 2012…how unreal! July kind of flew by for us. Even though I took a little bit of a break from shooting, I still felt like I was as busy as ever. It’s funny how there’s always more and more to do.

July Highlights

  • My birthday! We celebrated my birthday ON my birthday since it was actually on a Saturday and I didn’t have a wedding to shoot. Our cousin and his girlfriend came to visit and we showed them around a little bit. I also enjoyed my first ever beermosa…which was delicious, if you were curious.
  • My first boudoir marathon…I decided I love boudoir photography. So. much. gorgeousness.
  • The Dark Knight Rises!! I decided to add this as a highlight because it was AWESOME!! It totally exceeded all of my expectations and I think it was the best film of the trilogy. A lot of people will probably disagree, but I liked it even better than The Dark Knight.
  • Also pictured below: I failed at a detox diet, enjoyed a free slurpee, and spent the Fourth of July embroidering. That’s how I roll.

What’s next for August

  • We’re moving! Just across town to a new apartment…but our new place will have a dedicated (albeit small) office space for me. Right now I work in our second bedroom (guest room/John’s workout room/office). I really wanted to be able to separate my work from the rest of that since I work from home now and this apartment is PERFECT for that. I also have tons of ideas on how I want to decorate and I’m really excited to start a series of decor posts. You might know this but I used to have a (terrible) blog about all my decor ideas back in the day. Can’t wait to share more ideas here!
  • John turns 27. Awwww. We also celebrate the fourth anniversary of when we got Lucy, our cat.
  • Creating and ordering a sample album. I mean it this time. I’ve been procrastinating for so long on this one, I just need to get it taken care of!
  • Drinking lots more water. I am really not a water drinker, but it’s summer and I have been getting lots of headaches and I think it has a lot to do with my (lack of) water consumption. My mom was nice enough to give us a Brita pitcher so hopefully I will get a lot of use out of that.
  • Speaking of my mom, my parents will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this year!! Yay!!!

What are you looking forward to in August? Anything exciting?  Feel free to share in the comments:)


i always wondered if beermosas were a real thing! love your nail polish in the last instagram 😉

Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂 Looks like you had a nice, relaxing month! 😀

these are my favorite ‘blog series’ posts!!! 🙂 happy belated birthday!!!

I love your monthly wrap-ups! So fun! I can’t believe August is almost here!!!

Happy belated birthday!! I hope your moving goes smoothly 🙂

Good luck with the move & the water drinking! I sometimes add the Crystal Light packets to my water to mix it up a bit!

Yay! Happy moving and happy belated birthday!

haha that picture of lucy with her cray cray teeth is CRACKING me up!


I took a couple weeks off from shooting because we’ve had family in and out of town since my birthday and I was actually pretty nervous to shoot again this weekend. I don’t know why that happens to me, but it always does! Anyone else still get nervous before they shoot? I shouldn’t have been worried though, because the sessions I shot this weekend couldn’t have been more fun! I think the break was really helpful because I felt so refreshed and ready to be creative. It also helped that I had lots of beautiful light and gorgeous clients to shoot!

Sidenote: Has anyone else been watching the Olympics? I am soooo obsessed with men’s swimming (I have a crush on Ryan Lochte) and women’s gymnastics. I like gymnastics because it’s nice to see fellow short people compete and kick ass in a sport for a change. Ha!

ANYWAY…you should get excited about this week on the blog! I have lots of fun stuff scheduled that you won’t want to miss, including the August giveaway on Wednesday:)  And more of this ADORABLE engagement session will be making it’s way to a blog near you (this one).


The Olympics is the only time the world cares about swimming… but having been a swimmer I got to see hot bods like Ryan Lochte’s (not as good, but still good) ALL the time in high school 😉 I get nervous before shoots too! I think its natural. Can’t wait to see this session!

can’t wait for more!!

Love watching the Olympics and Lochte is quite the cutie!

ahhh love this shot!! can’t wait to see more! :)…I also have to catch up on almost two weeks worth of your blog posts from when I was gone…

Those were my two favorite olympic events this weekend too! I loove watching the gymnastics!

So cute! I can’t wait to see more 😀

SO obsessed with the Olympics!

I am way too old to be having crushes…so shhhh….don’t tell anyone I’m kinda sweating Ryan Lochte too! 😉


Okay, you guys. It’s time for yet another confession…I LOVE purging!


I hate clutter with a passion and have a fear of one day waking up in a home that looks like it belongs to a hoarder. We’ve also only ever lived together in apartments so space is at a premium. So every so often…I purge the crap out of our apartment.

Wait, what did you think I meant by purging??

When I’m on a purging binge, I just go through every room (including bathrooms) and look for things we’re not using and don’t intend to ever use. We donate them if they’re in good condition, but if they’re not, we dump them…in the dumpster. We’re moving to a new place in three weeks, so lately the purging has gone to the extreme. I’m talking bags and bags of stuff being sent to Goodwill and then bags and bags of things hitting the dumpster.

Puns aside ( so sorry for my immature/cheesy humor)  I think I have figured out why I love purging so much….I like the sense of getting rid of old things and starting freshwith a clean space. I love opening up our home and just having room to breathe.


I’ve started purging a little but I have the hardest time actually getting it out of my house & donating it/dumping it. I always get boxes and bags of stuff to get rid of then they sit in my car.. or my moms house.. until I decide I’ve missed the stuff & take it back. #fail

i’m a hoarder. i blame it on my affinity for tetris. i like making things fit. haha

I couldn’t purge things. I have a problem. I need to learn to do that so I can move on. I guess I like to hold on to things because of the memories they brings.

Yes! I saw a post last week about get rid of 100 things and I am on a mission!!

i’ll take your S&TC trivia game!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I love that you love purging. I do too but not to your extent. however, do you want to come over and get your fix? You’re more than welcome!

An embarrassing confession

I just noticed it last night….we were sitting around, looking through our personal photo albums for fun and reminiscing over how fast the past almost five years together have gone by. I closed the last album and went to look for 2011-now. A lot has happened since then…you’d think we’d have it all in an album for posterity.


When I realized I had no pictures from the past year except for a few prints we ordered from our wedding day, I was pretty surprised. I feel like I’m always behind a camera, so where are all the pictures? I’m SHOCKED and ashamed to admit that I don’t really take them for fun anymore. Yeah, I carry around my iPhone and take pictures with that…but I almost never bring my DSLR places with me unless I’m working.

Am I crazy? Is this totally awful? I feel like I’m the old cliche, the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes…the photographer’s family has no pictures.  FOR SHAME. John and Lucy, this is my internet vow to you guys….I will work on documenting our life a little (okay, a lot) more so one day when we’re all old and wrinkly we can look back on our life together and reminisce on all the good times by looking through our albums and not by trying to check Facebook or find my Instagram feed.

(note: over 80 percent of the album space pictured is EMPTY!! You see our problem?)


i am TERRIBLE at putting stuff in an album – HOWEVER, what’s made it SUPER easy is in the last year i’ve been getting a lot of those deals / coupons for the shutterfly or picasa photobooks (nothing fancy) but it’s been fun to design little mini albums of life. i wouldn’t do those for a wedding album (obviously) but for every day life? they’re PERFECT

This is so true! Daniel and I have an album from our first year together and haven’t put anything together since! Ah, we really need to get on that!

omg me too. how do we fix this?!?!

Gah, we do the same thing!! I’ve really been trying to get better at printing pictures that I take (or actually taking pictures!), but it’s so hard! At least you have albums! That’s a great first step. 🙂 I keep telling myself that once we have kids, we’ll have more pictures. 🙂 Ben is the 4th kid of 7, and he has a grand total of about 5 pictures of himself growing up (made for a very uneven wedding day slideshow), and it totally bums me out. I’m determined to make sure our future children have more pictures of themselves than they know what to do with…haha!

i feel like that’s the plight of photographers everywhere!!!! i need to order personal pictures toooooo!!!!!

Oh no… just you wait. It’ll get worse (unless you nip it in the butt right now)! I used to keep personal albums my entire life until about 2005… coincidentally that is the year I started photography school. Since then I have printed a few but no albums to show for the last 7 years. :- Also – we’ve been married 3 years and still no wedding album either! :-

I haven’t even picked the pictures we want to put on the wall from our wedding. It’s terrible!

guilty. Married 5 years ago & only one photo on the wall to show for it. No albums since the wedding…shame on me!!

I’m always remembering that I need to print and put pictures in albums I have and I never get it done! I found a scrapbook from my senior trip in highschool that is still unfinished! ahh

For photographers: favorite business apps!

Ever since the iPhone came out, I wanted one…BAD. I’m a gadget junkie and I’ve had just about every type of phone there is to have…flip phone, Android, Blackberry, motorola RAZR (remember when those were cool???). I was SO excited when iPhones finally made it to Sprint. I jumped for joy and cried tears of happiness…okay maybe not, but I was still excited! I’ve had my iPhone since this past Christmas (thanks, John!) and LOVE it. I use my iPhone half for business purposes and half for Facebook stalking and sharing pictures of my food. Since everyone already has or knows about Facebook, I decided not to write about that…instead here are a few of my favorite apps that I use for my business!

This is the best list making app I’ve ever used and it’s far, far superior to making lists with the notepad app that comes on the phone. The best part about it is how simple and easy to use it is. Really anyone who makes lists can use this app, but I love it because I can keep multiple lists for different purposes all at one time. I also really like how it makes a satisfying little noise when you check an item off of your list. This is probably in my top three most used apps ever!

Pages is a newer app that is designed to let you manage your Facebook fan page from your phone. Sometimes when you try to post things or write on your page’s wall from your normal Facebook iPhone app, it shows as you writing on your page’s wall instead of your page sharing the update. But if you use the Pages app to make updates, it will always show as your page. The Pages app will also send push notifications to your phone to let you know when someone has commented or written on your page’s wall. You can also add photos, respond to messages, and see some of your analytics. I like this app, but I don’t use it all that much. I think it would be much more helpful to someone who travels a lot more than I do.

By now I think most people have heard of this app…it’s the credit card reader app that has the nifty little piece of plastic you can stick in your phone’s headphone jack and accept credit card payments! I pretty much think this app is genius. It’s so simple and easy to use it’s ridiculous. If you don’t have Square, you need to get it! It’s free until you actually use it to charge someone and then it’s a percentage of their total. I love this app because unlike Paypal or Google Checkout (which I also use), you get your money fast. They direct deposit what you made into your bank account nightly!!

Adobe Reader
Okay…so this app is pretty boring. I do love it though because I need it to send my PDF pricing guide to clients from my phone and to view other PDF documents others might send me. With this app I can save and access emailed PDFs at any time and email or print them! Definitely not the most glamorous app, but it’s one I feel I have to have!

Don’t make fun of me for this one. I don’t have a real compass so I use this one when I go off treking in the woods by myself…JUST KIDDING! I actually use this app sometimes on wedding days when I’m scouting locations and trying to figure out which direction the sun will be in after a few hours have gone by. This app and the way I use it might seem silly but it’s saved me a couple times!

Honorable Mentions…
Some of my other favorite apps (business and not for business) are: Shazam, Pandora, Kindle, Instaproofs, Twitter, Pinterest, Flashlight, Instagram, PicFrame, My bank’s app, Scramble with Friends, Redbox, Target, VSCO CAM, My Fitness Pal, Coin Flip, and Wikipedia.

I hope maybe this was helpful to someone else with an iPhone! If you have a favorite app you use all the time, share it in the comments!


Totally agree! LOVE the iPhone for business 😀

I’m so behind in the app world! I use mostly instagram, facebook, twitter and… well thats it. sometimes i use soundhound to find out what song i’m listening to! thanks for the scoop on all of these!

i’ve been looking for more business apps 🙂

so helpful! I love this! with square, can you take card numbers? or do you have to actually physically swipe?

i am TOTALLY getting Clear. i LOVE LISTS!!

Katie Nesbitt

Yes! You can also key in credit card numbers. I tried it with my own card and it’s really easy:)

I honestly can’t even remember life without an iPhone. Def getting the Clear app for my list compulsion!

You need to download Songpop and play w/ me!! That’s the extent of my app suggestions this morning : )