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February – A review in instagrams!

I can’t even begin to explain my love affair with my iPhone…it borders on a creepy obsession! But how could you not love a compact mini computer with access to emails, texting, FaceTime, an entire collection of music, and APPS too?? I love apps! There’s an app for my client management software, for counting calories and working out your butt. I can even access my DVR remotely with an app! One of my all time favorite (and most used) apps is Instagram! I love it because not only am I a sucker for the neat vintage filters you can add to your pictures, but it makes it super easy to share them! With just a few swipes of your finger you can take a photo, edit it, and then share it on your personal facebook, your business facebook, twitter, and through email as well! I’m constantly using this app…did I mention it’s FREE?? To wrap up the month, here are a few of my favorite instagram pics from February…please try not to judge me by the amount of food pics;)



LOVE instagram! and no matter what, food pictures dominate mine too 🙂


YAY! i made it on the blog!!! woooo!

Diy – Handmade Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are one of those things that are just “extra”. Meaning you don’t necessarily need them to have an amazing wedding, but they are an special touch that a details person such as myself just goes nuts over. They just add extra OOMPH. Yes, that’s a technical term. These liners are great for a wedding invitation, but you could also use them to personalize Christmas cards, party invitations, thank you cards, or even just a note to say hi. They are that easy to make!

I made these liners for our wedding invitations in an afternoon. Here’s what you need:

  • Computer paper
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch (I used a Martha Stewart brand edge punch I got with a coupon at Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Envelopes

Step One
Use an envelope and a pencil to draw a template of an envelope liner.

Step Two
 Cut out the template and use it to make as many liners as you need.

Step Three
Once you have all of your liners cut out, take your edge puncher and punch out the top edge.

Step Four
Using a thin layer of glue, attach the liner to the envelope. Then fold the flap shut to make a crease.

Stick around for the next installment in my DIY series…a diy cake bunting!


Katie these are super cute! I’m totally using this DIY for my new client stationery.


These are adorable!!! I am definitely going to make some! i have that same martha stewart hole punch too…love it!


you posted this just on time 🙂


I am definitely using these for my wedding invites!!! Thank you!!!

Jasmine + Fabio | Virginia beach wedding photographer

I’m so excited to finally share this amazing couple’s wedding! Jasmine and Fabio met ten years ago at Aviation high school and have been together since! Fabio is actually an aviation mechanic for the Navy so aviation and travel play a big part in their love story!  The ceremony and reception were both held at the Virginia Beach Holiday Inn right on the oceanfront this past Saturday. Jasmine did such a great job putting together the details!  Everything was very heartfelt and individual to them. I really loved Jasmine’s color palette and the hard work she put into pulling the travel theme together, but what I loved most was how sweet their love is. I just couldn’t get over how Fabio looked at Jasmine and his tender expression during their first dance.

Also, I just wanted to say a special thank you to my friend Annamarie for being my second shooter!!! Thanks for putting up with me, girl!

Venue & Catering: Virginia Beach Holiday Inn
Rentals: Waterford Event Rentals
Videography: Amber Parker
Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal
Flowers: Norfolk Wholesale Floral
DJ: Astro Djs


What a beautiful couple and wedding! These pictures are fabulous!

You did a great job, lady! Bright, clean images… You captured the day really well!

ohmyGAWSH the black and whites of her putting on the dress and the flower girl = perfection. slash ALL of your black and whites. i also adore the one of them on the boardwalk in black and white with their backs to us. ALSO: those little luggage tags = so cute!!


How sweet! Love the pics of the flower girl. Pics are FAB!


Awesome pictures Katie.

these are beautiful, katie! I love the details you photographed!

Katie!!!! These are gorgeous – love the flower girl pics and the ones of them on the boardwalk 🙂

Katie, beautiful images!

Katie Hill-Nesbitt

Thanks everyone!!!

Love this! And these shots have me so excited for my own! 🙂


AHHHH! love all of them! oh my goshh. i cant stop coming back and looking at them!..i’ve probably looked at it five times at least. i’m still in love with the composition and the grooms expression in the black and white first dance shot. thank YOU! you are the BEST. seriously. and thanks for my shout out;). hahah..i’m so honored to be learning from you and i had so much fun with you! :):)
and jasmine, if you read this, you were the most beautiful bride and congratulations!!!

Katie Hill-Nesbitt

Aw you are so sweet!

That shoe shot is SERIOUSLY awesome.


Thank you girls for capturing our special day. I’ll say it again Katie, you rock!! You actually got pictures of Fabio smiling!! He was so happy! You and Annmarie were a dream team!! I wish I could get married every Saturday. I’ve been getting compliments and phone calls all week telling me how beautiful these pics are! I can’t wait to see them all. Annmarie you are super sweet thank you for the compliment. Katie, I hope to work with you soon!! (((((Hugs)))))

Confessions of a former bride | Part Five

Sometimes when I look back at my wedding experience, I wish I had been more of a bitch.

Okay…maybe the term bitch is a little overkill, but I definitely could have been much more assertive. Most people who know me would say that I usually have NO problem speaking my mind or standing up for what I believe is right. This is something I love and also hate about myself. On the one hand, it’s awesome that I’m not afraid to say what I think  and always stand up for what I’m passionate about, but wearing my heart on my sleeve has gotten me in trouble quite a few times.  As I’ve gotten older I have become much more selective about the things I chose to vocalize because I ‘ve learned the importance of picking my battles. When it came to planning our wedding I refused to be labeled a bridezilla and ended up going way too far in the opposite direction. I decided that I would be super chill and laid back about everything. I wouldn’t ask for help with anything.  I even kept quiet about things that upset me or hurt my feelings, like my friends not being there for me or my grandma peer pressuring me into ordering a traditional wedding cake.

Sometimes it seems like if a woman is outspoken about things she’s automatically labeled a bitch. Or in wedding world she’s a “bridezilla”. I don’t think those terms don’t do women any favors because they discourage us from being authentic and assertive. I’m not saying there aren’t real bridezillas or bitches out there…have you seen the show Bridezillas? Now, those are some bitches. By telling you not to worry about being called a bridezilla, I’m not saying text your bridesmaids and tell them they have to lose ten pounds to be in your wedding. But if one of your bridesmaids shows up an hour late to your bridal shower, don’t be afraid to tell her she hurt your feelings. Basically, don’t allow the FEAR of being labeled with a particular title to take away your voice. You don’t have to be a jerk to get your point across, but make sure you are heard! I wish I had spoken up in a firm, polite way instead of letting things slide. I wish I had told people how I felt. Although I was trying really hard not to become a bridezilla, I ended up becoming something I really dislike…passive aggressive.

What I’m trying (and probably failing miserably!) to say is that you don’t want to look back one day and regret a choice that was made or harbor resentment towards a friend because you were afraid if you spoke up you might be labeled a beyotch or a bridezilla. You only get one wedding day and you don’t want to let what someone else thinks or a name someone else might call you get in the way of being authentic. Moderation(whichI work on every day) is the key here. There can definitely be a fine line between being assertive and being a jerk, but at the end of the day being true to yourself and to your marriage will never steer you wrong!

P.S. If it is really hard for you to speak up and let your voice be heard, don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and feelings with someone who isn’t afraid to speak up on your behalf. I think it can also be pretty helpful to have an advocate by your side!


Oh man I feel like you wrote this post with me in mind! I am sooo concious of what I say and do lately because I don’t want to seem too demanding or like a burden or anything.

Julie B.

“Now those are some bitches” You crack me up!

Preach on woman : ) Great post. I know many people can relate including myself.


I finally figured out pretty much all of my packaging materials. There is one small exception…gray striped tissue paper. If you are reading this and you know of a location where gray striped tissue paper can be purchased, please PLEASE email me!! I know it exists…I saw it in another photographer’s packaging over on pinterest. It has to exist! What kind of world would it be without gray striped tissue paper? Tissue paper aside, I have been working on putting together cohesive marketing/packaging materials since I got my new blog design back in August. I started out with a few basic ideas and have been building on them since. There have been several different versions of things since then, but I’ve finally settled on something I like. Hopefully I will continue to tweak it and make things even better as I go and as I find out what works and what doesn’t. If you are interested, most of my inspiration can be found here on my packaging pinterest board.

Some might say that a newer photographer such as myself should be investing more into gear and education than in putting together packaging, but I really feel that it’s important to not only create a strong brand for myself, but to also really wow my clients with everything I do, including presentation. I would argue it’s even more important to start out with a strong brand rather than having to figure one out down the line. Clients will respect you so much more when you respect yourself and put yourself together professionally. Would you go to a job interview wearing ripped jeggings and flip flops? Heck no, you’d put together a polished outfit that represents you in a professional way. Also, a lot of my stuff is handmade so the cost is a lot less than what you would think.

Anyway, without too much more yapping, here are some previews of my packaging!


Engagement and portrait DVDs are slipped into Kraft cd cases and tied up with a  print release form, printing tips card, and handwritten thank you note. All my stickers are homemade…I designed them on my laptop, printed them on full sheet labels, and used a Fiskars paper cutter to slice them up. The notes are homemade too…I designed them myself and printed them on a thick linen cardstock and used the Fiskars paper cutter to cut them to size. Eventually I will probably outsource all that and have my labels and cards printed somewhere else but right now it works just fine.

Wedding DVDs are given extra special treatment! Instead of putting the DVD of images into a kraft case, I use a nice tin DVD case and package that up with a few extra treats.

All DVD labels are hand typed by yours truly on a vintage royal typewriter. I promise you that’s just as cool as it sounds.

Source List

Kraft Cd Cases –
Twine – Divine Twine in Oyster
Print Release Cards/Thank You Cards –
DVD Tins –
Kraft Mailers –
Gray Envelopes – Paper Source
EcoFiller –


Love ittttt!

I need to up my game- your packaging is way better than mine. So cute!

Lovin’ the client package : )


LOVE! katie, i’m obsessed!!! it looks SO cute! 🙂

LOVE IT! Can’t wait to get one of my own!!! 🙂

Love the typewriter touch 🙂

OMGAH I LOVE THESE! so cute!!!