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Rachel + Jade | engaged!

Before this weekend, I had only shot a sunrise session two other times…but after seeing the amazing light at the Manassas National Battlefield when I met Rachel and Jade for their engagement session, I’m going to have to make getting up early for sessions more of a thing. Rachel and Jade, thank you so much for getting up early and walking through the damp grass with me! I loved hearing about all of your wedding plans and can’t wait for September!


I adore all of these!! What a beautiful location and couple! Great job, Katie.

Fantastic location! These images are beautiful, as always.

Such a warm and relaxed shoot. This is the type of couple I see smiling constantly and just soaking up what life has to offer. I love these images!

Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

OH MY GOSH. absolutely STUNNING, katie!! wow! wow! wow!

Our e-pics with Natalie were at 6am! It’s nice bc your clients get to loosen up without a whole lot of people around (i.e. I’m an awkward turtle). These pics are terrific!


Gorgeous pictures and wonderful couple !! I love the light in the shots. Can’t wait to celebrate with you this important day in your lives !!


I always look at your blog on my phone and then I am too lazy to comment bc I’m terrible at using my I have to wait until i get on a computer…but THIS IS MY FAVE SESSION OF YOURS TO DATE!!!!! love it so much. They are so beautiful!!!


Beautiful photos Katie, I’m so excited for Rachel and my brother, these photos capture great moments.

A peek at my showit site!

So if you follow me on Facebook or twitter you might have seen me hint that I’m rebranding! What started as just the process of having a showit site designed for me turned into what will become a fresh new look for me!  Ravyn of Three Fifteen Design is spearheading the design process for me and has put up with my crazy/inarticulate emails throughout the process so far. I don’t want to reveal my logo yet (I love surprising people! HA) but I thought it would be fun to share the design board Ravyn came up with that’s the inspiration for the entire project.

The board is made up of lots of things that I’m inspired by, like moody colors, wood and metal textures, typography, and of course, stripes. I can’t wait to see how Ravyn incorporates these things and my fun new hand drawn logo!


Love it!!! I can’t wait to see it 🙂

This is crazy! You and I are doing the same thing right now and your inspiration is very similar. I love that you’re using blueish tones in yours – super pretty! I went with hints of green to accent the yellow. This is gorgeous and I can totally empathize with your comment regarding crazy emails. I can only imagine what my designer thinks of mine. 🙂 good luck and I cant wait to see the unveiling!

AHHH YAY! so exciting!!! i can’t wait to see it!!

Victoria + Rod | Georgetown Wedding Photographer

Victoria and Rod celebrated their marriage this past weekend with three incredible marriage ceremonies from three different parts of their cultures. Their Saturday Persian ceremony was truly one of the most elegant weddings I’ve ever been a part of! Both ceremony and reception were held at the Sequoia in Georgetown. I had never been to a Persian wedding before, but I loved it! In addition to the ceremony, Victoria and Rod also put together an incredible party at the reception afterwards! I have never seen so many people dancing at a wedding! I even saw the bride’s parents fist pumping! Also, a big thanks to Amanda for helping me out!

Here are a few of my favorites for your enjoyment!

The spread at the altar is called Sofreye Aghd. Each of the things on the table represents something different, such as pomegrante, which are heavenly fruits that represent the divine creation and coins, which represent wealth and prosperity.

At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom feed each other honey to symbolize the sweetness of marriage.

Venue + Catering: Seqouia
Music:  Anthony of My Dee Jay
Accomodations: Ritz Carlton
Bridal gown: Vera Wang White by David’s Bridal
Shoes: Christian Louboutin


Katie your images came out beautifully! Victoria and Rod’s day was truly one of a kind, thank you so much for bringing me along and allowing me to share in their day!! It was so wonderful working with you 🙂 and to Victoria and Rod, congratulations again!!

oooo i love this! are those blue cranes? i would like a room like that one. Sequoia is one of my favorite places in Georgetown to eat… yum! BEAUTIFUL IMAGES!

KATIE! these are STUNNING!!!!!!!! oh my gosh oh my gosh. SO GOOD.

their ceremony sounds so interesting!!!! your images are beautiful katie!


seriously one of my fave weddings of yours:):)…so unique!


The pictures are so beautiful! Thanks Katie and Amanda for being there to capture these moments! I can’t wait to see the rest!!!

Weekend wrap up

This past weekend was such a whirlwind! But in the best of ways! I had the opportunity to shoot three different wedding ceremonies for one fabulous couple! I don’t really use the word fabulous much, but this couple and their wedding weekend were FAB. Friday I shot a Christian ceremony and a traditional Korean tea ceremony for these two, then Saturday they hosted the most elegant Persian ceremony! It was so exciting to get to experience all of their culture (and even a little of mine!).

Sunday I hit the road early to the Manassas National Battlefield for an early morning engagement session. I have to say that I had no idea what to expect because I’ve never been to the Battlefield before, but as I drove up I was just freaking out over how beautiful the sunrise was! I haven’t shot many sunrise sessions, but I can definitely see them happening more in the future…the light is just to DIE FOR. Seriously.

Also! The giveaway winner is…Molly!  Yay!! I’ll email you to get your address and mug preference:)

Just so you guys know, I always use to choose the winner, so everyone has a chance!!!  Hope you stick around and enter next month’s!


WWHAT?! YES! AHHHHHH!! HUZZAH!!!!!!! oh man. i am so excited. you just made my day, girl!! EEEEK! and i was already gushing over those FABULOUSLY AMAZING photos and your weekend and then BAM. oh man. you are awesome!

Thank you so much for having me along on Saturday! It was such a wonderful experience and I’m so excited to be working with you again next weekend!! I hope you’ve recovered from your weekend whirlwind!!

Summer reading list

So I kind of bought a kindle on impulse the other night…yup, a kindle. You might be wondering how someone buys an 80$ electronic on impulse. Especially someone who is about to be leaving a steady job for an industry that is up and down and should be saving all of her pennies. Well, as the queen of impulse purchases I would like to discourage you from visiting eBay on your iPhone late at night after you get tired digging through stacks of books on your nightstand. No, that’s not a hypothetical situation. It  really happened.  As soon as I clicked “confirm bid” I all but forgot about it until I got that “Congratulations!!” email the next morning. What the what? Why don’t I get outbid on these things when I KNOW it was purely an impulse bid?? Someone has to save me from myself.

As the soon to be owner of an Amazon Kindle, I’d like to know what you guys are reading! Any recommendations? I love funny books, but I’m also a sucker for a young adult novel like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. So far I’m thinking most likely my first buys will be “Worth Every Penny” and “50 Shades of Gray”. JK. I definitely will NOT be reading that last one. Ha!


If you’re into historical type books with a twist – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Oh and Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter. 😀

redeeming love is amazing! i also love jodi picoult books like – the pact and nineteen minutes.

do you like non-fiction? how about something like “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls. (my fave book!)


I read ‘delirium’ in my frantic search for something like The Hunger Games! It was really good. Also reading the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich, they are really funny, like laugh. out. loud. funny. Really. Tommy got me a kindle a few weeks ago for our anniversary it’s pretty much my new favorite thing! Happy reading!