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Over the weekend, Lesli and Neil were featured as Heart Love Weddings Saturday Snapshot! If you are not reading Heart Love Weddings already, you should be! In addition to featuring all sorts of gorgeous images, they also share some incredible love stories! The love stories are what keep me visiting because really, isn’t that what this business is all about?

Hope you all have an awesome Monday!!


Amanda and Jordan | Richmond Engagement session

When I first met Amanda and Jordan, I knew they were the clients for me. Amanda is SUPER stylish and cool…so is Jordan for that matter. Oh and they brought me cupcakes. Yes, you read that right. Who brings cupcakes to a meeting with a potential photographer???

I have been looking forward to their engagement session for a while now. Unfortunately due to weather and scheduling conflicts we had to reschedule it a couple times, but FINALLY this past Monday I was able to drive out to Richmond to shoot these two lovebirds. Yay!!

Amanda!!! You are so beautiful!!!


eeek! i LOVE this shoot! the colors are fantastic – i might be biased, but those shots in front of the graffiti wall are my FAVE. gah! i love. ALSO, girl, i wanted to let you know that I gave you a “VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD” on my blog today! 🙂 i hope you know that you are AWESOME!!!

Melissa Burnette

You have made the mother of the groom a very happy lady!! Love the photos!!!

oh my gosh. love these!!! 🙂 Amanda, you are so damn pretty. Stop it.

Shut. Up. Shut up! SHUT UP.

Amanda you are gooooooorrrgggeeooouuusss!

I LOVE this session! What a cool old car and graffiti wall!

Kelly Moore B Hobo bag review

Gee, the title of this post couldn’t be much more obvious, could it? Unforunately, I’m on a little bit too much cold medication to think up a fun and creative title. Oh well…it gets the job done, right?

ANYWAY…I have had my Kelly Moore B Hobo bag for about three months now and I’ve had the chance to use it in a bunch of different situations. I know there are already almost a million reviews of these bags, but I still thought it would be fun to talk about mine because. Just because. That’s right.

I originally bought my Kelly Moore bag because I wanted a bag that I could shoot with but could also function as a purse that wouldn’t say “Oh hey thief, come steal my expensive camera gear please”. I chose the B Hobo bag because it seemed like it would also be one of the best options for a shooting bag as well. Since many ladies camera bags are on the pricer end I thought I could more easily justify the cost if I used it for more than one purpose. I also justified the cost by telling myself that it was a quality leather bag that I would love forever. Unfortunately, when I got the bag I discovered that they are in fact, NOT leather. I probably could have learned this by reading the information on the site, so that’s really no fault of the bag or the company. That’s my b, homes. But it was definitely a little disappointing to have spent what I consider a good chunk of change of a pleather bag. I guess the upside to the pleather factor is that if something is spilled on the bag or if it gets really wet it won’t be damaged the way leather would. Let’s face it, being that I am shooting in all types of conditions with this bag, more than likely something is going to get on it.

Okay now for the good stuff….I love the fact that the bag has removable velcro-ed dividers. I can change up how the space is divided in the bag based on what I want to carry. The bag is also surprisingly very big. Though it is narrow enough to lay flat on my waist/back when I’m shooting, it also holds a really good amount of stuff. When I carry it on a wedding I most likely have the 70-200, 24.14, and a 50 inside the bag while I’m carrying my camera and shooting. The easily configurable velcro dividers mean I can switch it up when I want to take the bag on an engagement session or on a day trip somewhere. If I’m going out for the day, I sometimes put my camera body in the middle, maybe an extra lens on one side, and then a bottle of water on the other for good measure.

There is a long divider inside of the bag as well. On a wedding day I will carry the client’s file inside that pocket in case I need to access the timeline or any other pertinent information. This long divider is also where I keep additional batteries and extra hair ties, pens, etc.

There are also two front pockets where I keep my memory cards. One pocket is for unused, empty cards and the other is for cards I’ve filled up.

I don’t use the back pocket very much, but this would probably be a good pocket for gum, tylenol, etc.

The side pockets are awesome!! I keep my iPhone in one of the side pockets so I can grab it without having to dig in my bag. I’ve read a few other reviews where people said they couldn’t fit their phone in the side pocket, but I have a very slim case on my iPhone so that may be why my phone fits. Actually, it does fit very snugly, so if you have an OtterBox or a more protective case on your phone it may not fit.

I also really love the B Hobo because it has a flap. So instead of zipping it up as I walk around on a shoot, I can just thrown the flap over the top. Because all that time I’d spend zipping and unzipping is just so….inefficient!

Another thing I really liked about the bag was the fact that it comes with two interchangable straps. One is a longer strap you can use to carry it while you’re shooting, or use it more like a messenger bag. The other is a shorter strap that turns it into a legitimate purse. Also, I don’t know if you care about this or not, but the bag will stand up on its own if you set it on the ground. That’s an awesome perk for me! I don’t have to worry about it toppling over and dumping my gear all over the ground.

I don’t really have any complaints about my Kelly Moore bag other than the previously mentioned fact that it was not leather as I originally thought. It has held up well over the past few months and it serves all of the purposes I meant it to. I could see hobbyists and non pros getting a good use out of a bag like this too! It would be great for travel and really anytime you want to take your DSLR but also be a little more discreet. I also wanted to add that though I won’t be using my KM bag for this purpose for quite a while, I think it could be a great diaper bag for a mom who wants a more modern bag to carry.


oh so cute! i’d carry that bag even if i wasn’t a photographer! which i’m not… so there!

i’ve been debating on whether or not a k.m. bag was really worth the investment! well, really i’ve just been getting up the nerve to drop that much monies on a BAG haha


Ooh what a neat bag! So cute! You’d never know it was a camera bag!

Great review — and GREAT photos! So happy to see the iphone fits. After much deliberating (as well as reading tons of reviews), I have decided a b-hobo will soon be mine!! Yay!!

Confessions of a Former Bride | part eight

So in a prior installment of confessions of a former bride, I talked about wedding dress shopping. What I didn’t mention though, was dress regret! I’m not sure why I didn’t talk about before, but it happens and it sucks. I know this because it actually happened to me!

I went dress shopping for the first time very early into our nearly three year engagement. We hadn’t settled on a venue, a theme, or anything else, but dress shopping seemed exciting and fun, so the appointments were scheduled and off we went to try on lots of poofy white gowns. I tried on a lot of gowns. A lot. I didn’t know what I liked or what looked good on me. I was just having fun trying on pretty dresses and hanging out with my friends. After a whirlwind weekend of dress shopping, I chose a beautiful satin a line gown with crystal beading on the bust and a corset back. It hugged my waist and made me look like I have boobs. It was a gorgeous gown that fit like a glove. I was over the moon about it.

Unfortunately when it got down to the nitty gritty of planning and we really started digging into the TYPE of wedding we wanted to have, my shiny WHITE dress started to seem more and more out of place. Our vision was rapidly becoming a soft, rustic, garden affair at a historic home with peonies and handpicked centerpieces. When I’d look at my dress I would see a church and hotel ballroom reception. Nothing is wrong with that…it just wasn’t our type of wedding. Slowly my dress was becoming not my type of wedding dress.

Since my mom had paid for my gown, I was so afraid to tell her that I wanted a different dress. So afraid that I almost didn’t tell her that I was going shopping for a new one. You never want to feel like you are letting your mom down, or that you are doing something she might not approve of. I was so worried she would say that I was being wasteful or acting spoiled and that my old dress was just fine. I was beating myself up about the whole thing and projecting my feeling of guilt on to my mom. I finally worked up the courage to talk to her about it and to my surprise, she was incredibly understanding! I was so relieved, but more than anything I was just happy to not have to feel like a terrible person for wanting a second wedding dress.

I went back for the gown that I thought I wanted and tried on a few more “just in case”. I didn’t want to leave any more options out there for me to wonder about later on. So I tried on lace, big tulle ballgowns, slim chiffon numbers, and more. To my surprise, I ended up choosing a DIFFERENT gown than the one I had my heart set on.  I hope this post doesn’t make me seem fickle…I promise, that’s not really me, I swear! After I took my gown home, I decided I would no longer look at wedding gowns in magazines, on websites, etc. Removing the temptation to second guess myself helped a lot because I ended up walking down the aisle in my second dress!

To sum up this little confessional, I would advise future brides to:

  • Take your time when dress shopping!
  • Sleep on your decisions.
  • Think about your venue and overall wedding theme.
  • Don’t let people pressure you one way or another
  • Try on all types of things
  • Refrain from looking at wedding gowns after you’ve purchased yours!
And…some pictures of the first gown I bought! In case you were wondering, someone eventually bought it and I made $250 back! I’ve been meaning to consign my actual wedding gown, but it’s been tough to get up the strength to part with it!


that is a beautiful gown, definitely! but i’ve seen your wedding photos and the gown you chose was CLEARLY perfect! BEAUTIFUL. i had some gown regret – in fact, i didn’t even like my dress as my wedding got closer – but i didn’t have the budget to get a new dress – but once the wedding day came and i got it on with everything, i knew it was perfect! it is so hard though to not tempt yourself to look at gowns after getting one… great post!!


Aww, how gorgeous you look:)

Tina, Amanda, and Nicole

Though I don’t shoot family portrait sessions anymore, a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to do a session for my friend Tina, and her sisters, Amanda and Nicole! We shot in downtown Hampton, a few blocks away from where they grew up.  I loved getting a chance to know these three and hear their hilarious stories! I have a sister too, so I know exactly what their bond is like. There is nothing quite like your relationship with your sisters…no one knows how to push your buttons and pick you up when you’re down the same way a sister does!

Enjoy a few of my favorites!!


Im always a sucker for sister shoots! These fab ladies are gorgeous and you did an AMAZING job photographing them. 🙂

Katie, seriously love ’em. My mom will be thrilled!!!!! We has such a fun day and you did an amazing job capturing it. Thanks girlie. xo

oh my gosh these are so gorgeous! the colors are so vibrant! you did a great job capturing their personalities! 🙂 🙂

nicole monge

I had such a fun day. The pictures turned Out wonderful. I had so much fun. Thank you.

Lizzie O

No more family portraits, boo 🙁 These pictures are so beautiful!