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I’m honored and excited to share that Jasmine and Fabio’s wedding has been featured on the blog The East Coast Bride!! The East Coast Bride is such a great blog full of tons of ideas and inspiration. Go on over and check out all of Jasmine and Fabio’s hard work (and leave them comments too!). You can see their blog post here.


woo hoo! congrats!

Congratulations, girl! SO exciting!!


Congrats!!! Love it! Can’t wait for you to shoot my wedding 🙂

Annamarie | Washington DC portrait photography

Annamarie and I met on Facebook and became friends pretty quickly through talking about photography and weddings…we were excited to find out that both our weddings were featured in the same issue of the Knot magazine! How many friends can say they are both in the same magazine???  I really enjoy having Anna as one of my friends because she is one of the most encouraging and kind people I know. I feel like I attract lots of negative “frenemies” who really only exist to stress me out and bring me down, but Anna is so different and such a positive and uplifting person you can’t help but love her!

We went together last week to Jasmine Star’s “Fix” and after stuffing our faces with cupcakes, took some shots of each other around Georgetown. Here are some of my favorites!!



Aww…ignore those frenemies!! Glad we were able to connect online!

Annamarie is adorable! Great shots Katie. Hope you make me look that good ; )


Not that I expect any less, but these pictures are gorgeous! Love the lighting. And your friend is beautiful. I think you should find someone to take pictures of you two together!

She’s SO PRETTY!! And you did a spectacular job of capturing what a sweetheart she is :).

Katie Hill-Nesbitt

Of course!!! It doesn’t take much to make any of my friends look amazing! You all are already so gorgeous!

Katie Hill-Nesbitt

Me too!!

Katie Hill-Nesbitt

You are so sweet! Love you, girl!

I think her “j. crew look” is way better than mine, hahaha. Love these : )

Georgetown Cupcake

My friend Annamarie and I went to DC to see Jasmine Star at her speaking engagement “The Fix”. Since we were already in DC anyway, we thought to ourselves, what do we do before it’s time to head over to the event?? So we headed over to Georgetown, to check out a certain famous cupcake shop and see if it lived up to all the hype!

I really appreciated the little things about Georgetown Cupcake, like the fresh flowers on the tables and their pretty packaging. I am obsessed with packaging and think it really adds so much to the experience!

I wouldn’t consider myself a sweets person…I mean, I love a good donut, but I would pass up cake for a bag of chips any day. I am a fiend for salt. But the cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake are just so moist and delicious they almost make me want to switch snack teams! I chose the Chocolate Banana cupcake for myself and took home a Red Velvet cupcake to John.


For photographers: Renting gear

There are lots of decisions that go into running a photography business…one of the big ones will always be: Where should I invest my money? This is an incredibly personal choice that will be different for every photographer, but for me, dollars spent on branding and the experience you get as my client are worth twice what I could spend on gear. Don’t get me wrong…expensive professional gear is also incredibly important and necessary. But it would be even harder to attract great clients who would trust me to use all that gear without a great experience and web presence! As a newer photographer, I put a LOT of thought on where I get the biggest bang for my buck, and at this time, it just makes sense for me to rent L series glass while I spoil my clients and save up to finish up my own bag.

All of that being said, I’ve tried a few different lens rental companies, and by far my favorite is Borrow Lenses! They offer lots of choices in gear, their prices are very reasonable, and they have AMAZING customer service! Example: My bank decided not to update my address in their system and caused my order to not ship in time for me to get two day shipping….the customer service people at Borrow Lenses apologized for my BANK’S mistake and offered to overnight the gear to me for FREE!!  The gear is always in great shape and ships with a lens hood and a UV filter. As soon as you get it, you’re ready to go off shooting! When it’s time to ship it back, you just stick it back in the box it came in and use the pre-paid shipping label they sent with the lenses and leave it at a Fedex drop off location. So simple!!!

Usually when I rent a lens I try to have it delivered at least two days before the wedding so that if there’s an issue with the shipment, it doesn’t get delivered, or the glass is somehow damaged/defective when it arrives I still have time to make sure I have what I need before the wedding. I would definitely recommend that if you plan on renting things to use at weddings, you make sure you have some type of backup plan!

Another reason I love to rent glass is that I get to play with lots of different types!! I have been experimenting a lot and figuring out what works best for me without committing to a big ticket purchase I might decide I don’t need. This way when I’m ready to invest in something, I will be able to choose with confidence! Even if you are not renting equipment to use at events, I would still suggest you rent a lens to try it out before you buy it! Just to see if you like it and if it fits your shooting style!

PSSSSSSST….I was not paid to say how awesome Borrow Lenses is and the review is my own opinion.


Good stuff! Great read.

I love! Their customer service is bangin- I once got a discount for being awesome, no joke. Love love love them!

All my photog friends really seem to like Borrow Lenses. One of these days I’ll finally bite the bullet and check them out before I upgrade my lens from the plain ol’ starter one I got.

February – A review in instagrams!

I can’t even begin to explain my love affair with my iPhone…it borders on a creepy obsession! But how could you not love a compact mini computer with access to emails, texting, FaceTime, an entire collection of music, and APPS too?? I love apps! There’s an app for my client management software, for counting calories and working out your butt. I can even access my DVR remotely with an app! One of my all time favorite (and most used) apps is Instagram! I love it because not only am I a sucker for the neat vintage filters you can add to your pictures, but it makes it super easy to share them! With just a few swipes of your finger you can take a photo, edit it, and then share it on your personal facebook, your business facebook, twitter, and through email as well! I’m constantly using this app…did I mention it’s FREE?? To wrap up the month, here are a few of my favorite instagram pics from February…please try not to judge me by the amount of food pics;)



LOVE instagram! and no matter what, food pictures dominate mine too 🙂


YAY! i made it on the blog!!! woooo!