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Norfolk, Virginia Engagement Session | Czarina + Kris

Can you guys believe the weather we’re having lately? With all of the rain and clouds we’ve had to reschedule several of our engagement sessions over the past couple weeks and it’s such a bummer! I was so glad when the sun peeked out for a few hours Tuesday night for Czarina and Kris’ session in downtown Norfolk! I rarely have the opportunity to shoot there, but it was such a treat exploring the area a bit!

I love this couple so much! I know I say things like this all the time, but I really have been so lucky to work with some really amazing people! Czarina and Kris are two of them! I just loved how they made each other laugh! Here are a few favorites from our time together:

Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0001Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0002Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0003Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0004Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0005Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0006Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0007Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0008Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0009Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0010Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0011Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0014Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0015Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0017Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0016Norfolk Engagement Session Czarina and Kris_0018



The Nesbitts’ New Nest

I am so excited to share this news with you guys! After living in solely apartments together for the duration of the eight years we’ve been living together (more on how we started living together at 20 and 22 HERE if you’re interested in a bit of our back story), we are finally going to be sharing a house together!

John and I are so excited to be moving in one very short week (we all know how time flies during wedding season!) to an adorable little duplex we’ll be renting not too far from where we live now. It’s in a neighborhood we’d eventually like to buy in when the time comes and it just couldn’t be a cuter property if it tried to! I fell in love with it at first sight….the side yard has a peony bush that looks like it’s ready to bloom any day!

Don’t you love those window boxes? I fell in love at first site with this place! My favorite things about it are the patio and the fireplace in the living room. I’m picturing lots of fun times spent hanging out around both of those:)

As long time apartment dwellers, I’m sure all kinds of house related adventures are in our future, from buying a lawn mower for the first time to decorating my first full sized office (my current one is only 50 square feet!!) so if you’d like to follow along over on Instagram, our hashtag will be #thenewnesbittnest! I’m actually really proud of myself for coming up with that one…I’m normally terrible at that kind of thing!

Liz & Greg Outhwaite

Congrats! Definitely is a cute place.

Congrats! What a beautiful property 🙂 I bet it smells sooo good in the spring and all your windows can be open!

Eee – we’re so excited for you guys and your new place is too adorable (stucco is my favorite)! Can’t wait to see it in-person! 🙂

Philadelphia Engagement Session | Caroline + Josh

John and I took the train to Philly this past weekend for Caroline and Josh’s engagement session. Philly is where they fell in love, so it made perfect sense to have their photos there .I think it’s so important to pick a location that’s got meaning to you for your engagement session because it really does make the photos that much more special!

When Caroline emailed me a few months ago about her wedding photography, I was SO excited. Not only is she a photographer friend who I’ve enjoyed being “email buddies” with, her wedding is also in MEXICO! Photographing in Mexico has been on my bucket list for a while, so I’m thrilled to get to do it next year with Caroline and Josh! I couldn’t imagine spending time in a tropical oasis with a better duo! Enjoy a few favorites from our time in Philly!

Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0002Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0001Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0003Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0004Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0006Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0009Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0011Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0012Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0008Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0014Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0015Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0017Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0018Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0016

Meredith Sledge

I love these Katie!!!

Hilaire Veith-Beran

FABULOUS–love the one with the petals!!

What a sweet engagement!

Out of the Office

I just want to say thanks in advance to all of our amazing clients and friends for your support and patience with me when it comes to email responses…I’ll be out of the office for the rest of the week playing nurse! John is having surgery today for a sports injury and though it’s an outpatient surgery, I’m planning on taking a little bit of time off to help him recuperate.

Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0019

(Photo by our talented friend Ashley Goodwin)

We’ve been married almost five years now and I can honestly say that I really do love him more now than I did back when we first got married. I know that sounds so cheesy, but it’s really true! Time has made him so much better and stronger as a person and I’m so glad I have gotten to watch him grow over the years! It’s hard for me to watch him go into surgery today, but I know that before long he’ll be good as new and as strong as ever!

PS, I know the blog has been a bit quieter than usual lately, but we’ve been going through somewhat of a crazy season around here (nothing a taco and a glass of champagne can’t fix though…haha!) and it hasn’t left as much time for blogging. I’m excited to have some fun content lined up for the coming weeks though, so don’t forget to come back and hang out with me here again! Thanks again for your support, guys!


Goodstone Inn Engagement Session | Jessi + Starski

Jessi and I chatted about engagement session locations before their shoot and she eventually emailed me to say that she’d picked out the perfect spot in Middleburg…Goodstone Inn and Restaurant! I was so excited because I’ve never been there before. Shooting in new places always really inspires me and gets my creative energy going, so I look forward to visiting places for the first time! This session proved to be no exception to that! It helped that Goodstone Inn is GORGEOUS! And, Jessi and Starski are pretty good looking, too!

I know I say this all the time, but we really had so much fun hanging out with these two during their session. They both have such a great sense of humor and came ready to cuddle and take direction, so they were a dream to work with! Add to that the perfect light and Sunday evening weather, and you’ve got a recipe for an amazing engagement session!

Here are a few faves from our evening!!

Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0001Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0002Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0003Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0004Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0006Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0009Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0011Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0007Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0012Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0014Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0013Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0015Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0016Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0019Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0017Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0018Goodstone Inn Engagement Session_0020