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Richmond Engagement Session | Jacob + Ashley

It’s funny how in the Fall, just a couple of weeks makes a huge difference in what a venue or location can look like! I photographed two engagement sessions just a couple of weeks apart at Maymont and there was a noticeable difference in how the leaves and plants there had changed in just a short time!

It was forecast as one of the first really cold days of the Fall, but we lucked out with a surprisingly mild morning for Jacob and Ashley’s engagement session at Maymont! It was bright and beautiful with the leaves getting close to their peak colors. I really enjoyed exploring Maymont with the two of them and hearing all about Ashley’s marathon running and more about their wedding plans for next April! I’m so excited to be a part of their big day!

Enjoy a few of my favorites!!



It’s been just under a week now since I returned from my third trip to Hawaii, which means I’m doing pretty well getting my vacation photos both edited AND blogged within a week of coming home! Just before my second trip to Hawaii I was so worried that it wouldn’t be as fun to go back. I thought that in some weird way, it might lose some of it’s magic the second time around. Now, after my third visit, I can honestly say that it’s still as spectacular as the very first time I stepped off a 10 hour flight to begin my visit.

Sometimes when I hear people say they don’t really like Oahu that much I think, “Well, you must not have tried that hard”.  I have had such a great experience every time I’ve visited. All of the islands are pretty magical, but I think Oahu is really special because it has a little something for everyone. It’s got history, fun tourist attractions, breathtaking views, and lots of fun little things to discover off the beaten path. I love it so much and I’ll be holding these memories close to my heart and pretending I’m sitting on top of a mountain again, looking peacefully off into the Pacific ocean, especially during this cold East Coast winter!!


Charlottesville Engagement Photos | Sarah + Chris

Sometimes the writing part of a blog post is the most difficult part for me because it’s hard to narrow down my thoughts and feelings about a couple to just a few short paragraphs! This post is definitely one of those since Sarah and Chris are one of my all time favorite couples! I’ve known them both now for a couple of years and becoming their wedding + engagement photographer was a true highlight of my 2017. And, although it can be somewhat intimidating sometimes to photograph wedding photographers, it’s usually a ton of fun because they’re always up for anything!! Meeting Sarah and Chris for their engagement session at Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville was even more fun since they’re friends of ours.

We were treated to a beautiful late October evening for their session…the leaves hadn’t quite started turning yet (what’s up with them turning later and later??), but the light was absolutely beautiful! Enjoy a few of my favorites and afterward, head over to check out their wedding at Sierra Vista if you’re interested!


A Thanksgiving Thank You

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged much here besides just sharing our awesome clients and their weddings and engagement sessions, but I couldn’t let Thanksgiving go by without saying a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s supported my business over the past year. It’s so crazy to me that I just completed my SEVENTH wedding season as a photographer! It’s not lost on me how lucky I am to get to do this as my full time job. Years ago I was desperately hoping to be able to create a business that would also become my career so that I could leave my desk job for good, and today, thanks to all of the wonderful people who have put their trust in me over the years, that business and career are my reality!

If you’re reading this, thank you for following along, for being a part of my journey!! It’s been a wild ride, and I’m so excited to see what lies ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving from Hawaii!!! We will be enjoying the holiday from the beach!!


Weekend Sneak Peeks

This weekend flew by in a whirlwind! I may have been off from weddings this past weekend, but that didn’t stop me from shooting three shoots all while packing and preparing the entire house for our trip to Hawaii!!

By the time you read this, I’ll be headed towards my favorite little island in the Pacific, but I couldn’t leave without sharing a few sneak peeks first!

We’ve got two mini sessions I photographed at a cute little park that’s just a mile away from home….

Remember Amanda and Drew?? I photographed their wedding back in 2013!! It was so much fun to see them (and Aidan and Libby!!)

Last but not least, I photographed Kelly and Wes in Baltimore!! They were troopers through Sunday afternoon’s blustery weather. Can’t wait for their wedding next year!

I’ll be out of the office until December 4th! If you send me a message, I will be answering urgent mail as soon as I can. All other messages will be responded to when I’m back on the East Coast 🙂 Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!