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Panorama Farms Wedding | Abby + Scott

My favorite types of events are always the ones that are incredibly heart felt and personal. That’s not to say that everyone’s wedding day isn’t special…they always are. There’s not a feasible way for a wedding day to not be a wonderful day. But to me, the ones that always stick out the most are the ones that are thoughtful and emotional. Abby and Scott’s wedding was both of those things. They shared one of the sweetest first looks I’ve ever seen, had everyone teary eyed during their vow exchange, and embraced the crazy spring weather. There wasn’t a moment when they weren’t smiling, and they were almost always holding hands. I think my favorite moment from their wedding day was actually when Scott read his vows to Abby. He said to her that he felt like he was so lucky to have met the love of his life at such a young age and to get to share a life with her now. I loved that!

Abby and Scott, with the help of all of their friends and family, put together a wedding day that was very sweet and so full of joy! Here are some of my favorite images:

Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0001Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0002Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0003Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0004Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0007Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0005Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0006Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0008

I loved this image of John’s from the first look. This is exactly why I’m on #teamfirstlook for life. Doing a first look means the first time you see each other, sweet moments like this are a definite possibility in a way that they can’t be if you see each other for the first time at the altar.

Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0018Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0011Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0012Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0014Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0015Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0013Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0016Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0032Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0022Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0023Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0024Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0025Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0027Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0028Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0029Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0030Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0031Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0033Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0034Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0045Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0036Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0038Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0039Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0041Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0040Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0042Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0044Panorama Farms Wedding Photography_0037


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