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Ten Things You Might Not Know About Us

This time of year we’re welcoming lots of new couples for 2015 and 2016 and since a lot of them may not have been reading the blog for a really long time, I thought it would be fun to do another one of these “ten things” posts to introduce ourselves!

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Five Things You Might Not Know About John:

  1. He loves small animals! He one day hopes to have a small dog like Jiff, the famous Pomeranian.
  2. He won’t turn down anything peanut butter flavored. I personally hate peanut butter, but John will eat any kind…including PEANUT BUTTER SODA. I wish I was joking.
  3. He builds ships for a living. A lot of people might not realize that John works full time during the week, Mon-Fri. He’s a Shipfitter during the week, which means he essentially “fits” pieces of the ship together.
  4. His family home burned down his freshman year of college. As long as I’ve known John, way before either of us knew that we would one day be wedding photographers, he has always felt strongly about the importance of photographs. A large part of that is because his family lost all of their photos when they lost their home.
  5. He was a captain on his high school football team! He played right tackle. It was playing football that inspired his love of fitness and exercise.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Katie:

  1. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 19! And I didn’t actually start driving regularly until the summer I turned 20. A week after I finally started driving at 19, I totaled my car and was somewhat traumatized by the accident…so I took a “break” for a little while.
  2. I don’t drink any caffeinated beverages. Caffeine makes my stomach and head hurt, so I usually just drink decaffeinated teas and sometimes decaf coffee. (I really only like coffee for the creamer though!)
  3. Cats weren’t always my favorite animal. Lucy is actually my first cat! And she’s who I have to thank for turning me into a cat lady. I grew up with dogs as pets and never had a kitty before. I never thought I wanted one til Lucy showed up at our door. I’ll have to blog that story sometime!
  4. I lived in Germany for nine months. When I was five, my Dad was stationed near Bremerhaven. When we lived there, we got to travel to Holland, Austria, France, and more! I don’t have a ton of memories, but I do remember it being COLD and seeing lots of castles! It was such a cool experience, but I’d love to go back to these places as an adult.
  5. I used to really be obsessed with figure skating. Maybe it’s because as a small asian female, I’m almost the perfect size for being a lady figure skater, or maybe it’s just because I grew up in the 90s/early 00s when Nancy Kerrigan, Michelle Kwan, and Tara Lipinski were really popular. I remember avidly following the 1998 Winter Olympics only to have my 5th grade teacher totally spoil the results for me at the end of the last day. I even imagined myself as a figure skater…too bad I’m not very coordinated. Running is the only sport that really works for me, since you don’t have to have much coordination!



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