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Valentine’s Day Plans

There are two camps of people….those who LOVE Valentine’s Day and everything about it, and those who hate Valentine’s Day…or think it’s dumb because love should be celebrated every day. We don’t really fall into either of those camps…we just really like to eat:) So, we always make plans for Valentine’s Day. I mean, it’s pretty much an eating holiday!! Over the last seven years of  Valentine’s Days spent together, we’ve done everything to celebrate, from a $250 dinner out (that was really not even worth it, if you ask me) to home cooked meals, to dining out a few days before with a Groupon (hey, ain’t no shame in our game!).  No matter what we did, whether we didn’t have much money, or we had just gotten our tax returns back, we ALWAYS made plans. This year we made plans in advance to go out to one of our favorite restaurants. John called them weeks ago and made a reservation to make sure we’d get in. It’s not that Valentine’s day is THAT special to us, but we do really like eating out, and any excuse to spend time together, dress up, and stuff our faces sounds like a good deal to us.

But then, I made some plans without thinking about them. I scheduled my next to longest training run for today…a 20 miler. I wasn’t thinking, oh it’s VALENTINE’S DAY. I was thinking, I like to do my long runs on Fridays…and this one is just another Friday on the calendar. I also scheduled it before I’d run past 13 miles and really knew how those long training runs would physically and mentally affect me. I’m pretty worn out after 15+ miles….my body is weeping for rest and my mind is just not where it normally is (I put lotion in my hair instead of leave in conditioner last time…whoops!). So as you can imagine, I’m sure I’ll be a real Valentine’s day treat to be around after this run. And that’s sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell.

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Photo by Katelyn James

So last night I asked John if he really had his heart set on going out. Being the easy going guy he is, he said no, he didn’t care. The thing is, he’s more concerned with supporting me and making sure I do well on my 20 miler today than whether or not we get dressed up and go out. So instead of going out tonight, we’re going to be getting takeout and probably eating it in front of a movie on our couch. I honestly couldn’t be happier about that. I can’t imagine wanting to spend an evening in a crowded restaurant hours after a long run. And I can’t imagine time spent better than on the couch with my best friend.

I HATE saying “best friend” to refer to John because I feel like it’s such a freaking cliche, but it’s true and I don’t know how else to say it (or I would to avoid being cheesy). He’s my best friend. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about love in all of my time spent on this earth loving other people (not that long if you were wondering), it’s that you should fall in love with someone who is your best friend. Someone who you can stand to be around for a long time. Someone who makes you laugh, gets your jokes, and is just generally on your team. You need someone who you can have inside jokes with, watch bad movies with, and just be disgusting on the couch in sweatpants with. That’s what I have.  Someone who gets me enough to buy me a foam roller and Pringles for Valentine’s day instead of candy and stuffed teddy bears (or whatever else it is that people give each other…)

So, we always make plans for Valentine’s Day. And I’m looking forward to our revised plans for this year as much or more than I ever have before:) Now, the 20 mile run…well I could take or leave that. HAHA.




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Ann Carlisle

That John is such a sweet, sweet guy. Happy Valentines Day lovebirds!!! XOXOX

It’s so cool how he cares for you! And I love that you’ll be curling up with takeout for dinner 😀 <3 Happy Valentine's Day love!

Good luck on that run & Happy Valentines day 🙂

Emily Kpodo

The more I read your blog posts, the more I realize just how similar you and John are to Cameron and I. Valentine’s Day is obviously great because we’re celebrating love, but we just want an excuse to go somewhere nice for dinner! And this year I asked for an edible arrangement instead of flowers because you know…I can’t really eat flowers! Good luck on your run today, and I hope you and John have a great Valentine’s Day


I just love this and you and him. 🙂

John is seriously the best! Have a great run and a great dinner tonight love! <3

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