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Video blog – Family formal tips

Hey there! I’m trying to keep up with video blogging and be faster with getting these out. I’m happy to say that the gap between this video and the last one wasn’t MONTHS like the one between the last two videos. It was only a week! Check out this video (it’s a little longer than normal) in which I answer a frequently asked question and share some of my family formal tips for brides who are currently in the planning process!

EDITED TO CLARIFY…I just realized that when I start the video talking about “family portraits”, how I do them but don’t show them on the blog, and how they are boring except to you and your fam, it could be confused as I’m talking about an actual family portrait session…totally not the case!! I do those too occasionally, and they are SO NOT boring and would def make it on the blog! In this video I’m talking about WEDDING DAY family formals only!! Hope that clears up any of my rambly confusion!! xoxo

FAQ – Family formals! from Katie Hill-Nesbitt on Vimeo.


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you. are. so. PRECIOUS. 🙂

i love your video blogs!!

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