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December 28, 2017

Sharing behind the scenes funnies is one of my favorite ways to round out another year of shooting! I started sharing these outtakes after seeing my friends Jen and Ashley post theirs maybe 5 or 6 years ago…since then a ton of people have begun to do these kinds of posts and they’re almost always freaking hilarious!

Here I am taking a photo of two of my brides…one a 2015 bride and one a 2017!!!

Here I am thinking out loud about something…”Maybe we should move bridal party photos up and do family after the ceremony…or maybe we should just go over to that little barn area NOW…”

Pippin Hill Farms makes the best backdrop for family formals!!!

On a wedding day, I am constantly arranging and re-arranging the bride’s dress. This was pretty tricky when I hurt my back. Also, I’m always leaving my things somewhere, as demonstrated in this photo…luckily no one’s taken my bag yet….haha!

Sharing a back of camera sneak with Mary and Simon!

Erin’s makeup artist was kind enough to stay for bridesmaids photos and help!! Here she and I are adjusting Erin’s train.

This one was taken by my good friend Serena, who worked with me on Kimmy and Ross’s wedding day in August!

Making sure my detail shots are in focus!! Also, this photo is a good example of how chaotic the getting ready portion of the day can be. See how much stuff there is surrounding me??


More detail shooting! I try to pick a really good, bright corner of the room to work in.

Not too sure what exactly I’m doing here…

My calf muscles have really grown since becoming a wedding photographer…that’s what happens when you’re short!!

More dress fluffing…just call me your personal Pippa Middleton on your wedding day…haha.

This is such a fun image because I shot this wedding for John’s cousin with the help of one of my own brides!!! Two of this year’s brides were photographers and I have worked with them both now!! This is so special to me to have been able to do this!!

And here I am shooting Caroline’s wedding...in Puerto Vallarta!!! This was another first!! I’d love to go back…hint, hint if you’re reading this and planning a wedding in Mexico!

First wedding of last year!! Bekah and Chris at Airlie, a favorite venue!

Oh, just pretending to be a bridesmaid. I’ve never been a bridesmaid, but always wanted to. I like to think of myself as an honorary extra bridesmaid…I’m there to make sure you look great, keep things upbeat and fun, and of course, take photos of it all!

Me being specific about foot placement…or possibly pointing at that funny leaf.

“Can you guys scoot this way just a little bit?” – always with the crooked finger point..haha

Checking how much time we have left for portraits!

“So, I’m going to have you guys all group together really close…like you like each other”

DO NOT LOOK AT MY MESSY, 100 PERCENT HUMIDITY HAIR. Look at Caroline’s expression after seeing a slideshow of some of her images I prepared for them!

Dancing? Or??

This is probably why my posture is so terrible. This and hours spent on my phone playing Candy Crush Saga….

Parts of this wedding day were super windy, but I loved how Sarah just laughed through it all!

Again…terrible posture!!

Can you believe this wedding was in May?? It’s not super often I wear a coat to a May wedding!!

And this wedding was a super warm, beautiful day in October!! Y0u never know what weather you’ll get in Virginia!

And last, but not least, here is a snap from my last wedding of the year. This bride is a dear friend and fellow photographer and her wedding was a true honor to be a part of. Loved every minute of celebrating her wedding day with her and her fantastic new husband, Chris!!

I had a blast shooting each of my weddings this year and I am so excited to start my next season…2018 you’ve got a lot to live up to!!

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  1. Eric says:

    Very interesting to see you taking the photos, you seem to be doing a lot of portrait shot!

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