2018 Offseason Projects

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February 20, 2018

It’s been a little while since I’ve written much about what’s going on behind the scenes here in the KNP office, so I thought this was a great time to share what I’ve been up to so far this offseason and what I plan to try to accomplish throughout the rest of the “slower” season!

Business Off Season Projects:

  • Website updates! My site has to move over to Showit 5, so I’m currently working with my favorite designer to get it up to par. Fun fact: I’ve been with Showit for SIX years now and working with Ravyn just as long…the time has flown by!
  • Updated headshots. I kind of hate having my own photos taken (ironic, I know…) but a new website calls for fresh new photos! I love the photos my friend Ashley took of me in Hawaii, but that was 2.5 years ago now (again…how does time fly by so quickly??) and I have blond-ish hair now!
  • Updating client guide & pricing site. This seems to be a season of updating things, which makes sense since you can’t stay in business if you don’t adapt and evolve as times change. I’m at a point in my business where I’ve been lucky enough to have been established for several years and that means that some of the things I’ve been using for a while, like my client guide and pricing site, need a bit of dusting off and updating 🙂
  • Pre-packaging client gifts. I love batch preparing some of the things I send out to clients during this slightly slower paced time so that when I’m in the middle of the craziest part of wedding season, it’s so easy for me to get these things out because they’re basically already done!
  • Taxes. The most meh business task of all time, am I right?
  • Engagement session season. While I’m not super crazy with wedding work during the winter/early Spring, I’ve been beginning to schedule a lot more of these sessions.
  • Updating my print shop. I currently sell some of my travel photos in an etsy shop, but I’m looking for a new way to handle this. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

One of the things that I really love about owning my own business is being able to dedicate time and energy to things I’m really passionate about.  Being my own boss gives me a ton of flexibility within creating my schedule, which allows me to get involved in more things I might not have time for if I were working a traditional 9-5 office job. I’ve learned that it’s just as important though to be specific and intentional with planning your personal goals as it is with business/work things, so here are some of the things I’m working on in my personal life throughout offseason (and beyond) this year!

Personal Off Season Projects & Goals

  • Moving. I’m moving about 5 minutes away from where I currently live, but moving is always a huge project/endeavor, even when it isn’t a far move.
  • Running my second marathon. This happens in a little less than a month! I’m so excited about this! The first time I ran one four years ago, I was really scared, but I know that I’ve put in the work and I know I’ve done it before, so I know this is going to be great!
  • Getting a third tattoo. April will mark my 7 year business anniversary, so I’m going to get a small tattoo to celebrate!
  • Filming a documentary. This is a really big deal and has a lot of backstory to it that I’ll have to write about at some other point, but to summarize, my plan is to search for my biological family…and to film the experience! I realized at some point that this has been weighing on my heart for a while…and that I’ve also really been interested in filmmaking for a bit too…so I’m excited to jump into this project because it’s one of those ideas that you can feel is going to be totally life-changing in more ways than one.
  • Writing a book. This doesn’t feel quite as immediate of a goal as some of the others…but I recently started working on this and I’m going to put in a little bit of work at a time until I feel like it’s really the right time to make it my top priority.

I am really excited about this list of projects! I love being busy and having lots to do, so keeping myself occupied like this is fun for me. It’s also really great to have it all written down…and out there on the internet…so that it’s a lot easier to stay accountable to these projects and to myself!

If you’re a wedding vendor, what are you doing to keep yourself busy during the offseason? If you’re not in the wedding industry, what do you do to keep yourself accountable?? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    Amazing! These are so useful! Would love to win 2018. Greetings!

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