A Case of the Mondays #52


January 20, 2014

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to get some serious spring fever. It was almost warm during my long training run on Friday, and it left me hoping for an early spring! It would be great to go out for a run and not need to wear a ton of layers! Speaking of running, if you follow me on Instagram you may have read a post a few weeks ago where I said I was really unsure about running a marathon and was considering doing the half instead. Training has been an up and down thing for me. Some weeks are AMAZING and I just feel like I can conquer any goal I set for myself…and other weeks I just feel like I dread training and just want to sit inside where it’s warm. Two weeks ago I ran a 13 mile training run and felt so incredible I just knew in my heart I wanted to go for the full marathon. I felt like I could definitely go out and complete a half marathon right now and do at least as well as I did at my first half in November, so where’s the challenge there? I’ve dreamed of being able to run a marathon for years (since I first took up jogging sporadically a few years back) and right now I’m the closest I’ve ever been to my goal. I can’t say that I’m not scared, or that I still don’t have doubts (I definitely do), but I know that just weeks ago back in the summer it was tough for me to run the three mile loop around my neighborhood without stopping. I had to do this walk/run thing for what felt like FOREVER. I couldn’t have imagined being able to run FIFTEEN miles. So even though I can’t imagine running 26.2 right now, I know I can do it. If all else fails, hopefully some of my stubbornness will kick in when I get tired. HA.

Anyway, I also wanted to sort of say…well sorry I’m not sorry for sharing so much about my running and instagramming about it a lot! I know there are probably a lot of people who just don’t really care about my progress or running, or any of it. But the reason I do it (and will continue to do it) is largely because I am training for the marathon 100 percent alone and that can be really tough!! Sharing my progress with my Instagram friends and blogging about it are my ways of creating a “training team” for myself and keeping myself accountable to someone. So, for anyone who has commented on one of my posts, left me a word of encouragement, shared advice, or just liked one of my posts/pictures, thank you for being in my corner, and for encouraging me to keep it up! I feel like with all of your support, I’m not really training by myself!

Back to the rest of my weekend…I had an unexpected visit from my sister! She is literally one of my best friends in life and I love that she lives close enough to drop in from time to time on weekends to hang out…and the best part is, this time of year I’m actually free to see her when she does:) We didn’t do anything special, just hung out and went for Mexican food. But really, any time I get to spend with her is quality time!

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0435

What did you guys do over the weekend? Anything fun? Anyone’s weekend a three day weekend this week for MLK day??

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  1. Brea says:

    You’re a beast! You can totally do this!

  2. Emilia Jane says:

    Right there with you being ready for spring! I am over this snow 🙂

  3. I feel ya girl, spring can’t get here soon enough..I heard a bird chirp outside the other day and my heart lit up.. Good luck on your marathon, don’t let anything get you down!

  4. Don’t stop posting!! I’m learning that the people who have something to say or who don’t seem as supportive…it all comes down to the fact that you’re doing something that shines a light on something they are NOT doing. I love seeing your progress and I KNOW you’re going to kick that marathon’s ass! 🙂

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