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September 23, 2015

Over the past couple of years I’ve blogged about these guys a few times. Before they were a family, they were one of our favorite couple friends! Jerri and I knew each other as little kids because our moms grew up together and we started hanging out again in our 20s after “re-meeting” through a mutual friend. That’s basically making a long story short…but it’s really not all that interesting to anybody but us. At least, I don’t really think it is. Maybe I’ll share that another time!

Anyway, Jerri and Mark became a family when they welcomed their first little one, Vance almost two years ago. How it’s been two years, I’m still trying to figure out! The time has really gone by so quickly and it’s been so much fun to watch him grow and change. We don’t have any other little kids in our life right now,  so I’m glad they let us hang out with him sometimes! Jerri and Mark also make the whole parenting thing seem a little less scary to me…except for when Jerri shares some of the less pleasant sides of pregnancy…that’s sketching me out right now. Ha!!!

Anyway, they are about to add a new little boy to round out their family. I’m looking forward to meeting him too! I went by to check out his nursery and hang out with Jerri and Vance for a couple of hours the other day and here are a few of the photos I took! I couldn’t resist sharing since it all turned out so cute!

Colorful nursery inspiration_001Colorful nursery inspiration_004Colorful nursery inspiration_003Colorful nursery inspiration_005Colorful nursery inspiration_002Colorful nursery inspiration_007Colorful nursery inspiration_006

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