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March 1, 2016

Business Book Club has already been so great for me! I’ve read two more business books in the past two months than I did all of last year, despite having all of the best intentions and meaning to read a few. (If you’re keeping score, I read none last year, so it wasn’t too hard to get ahead of that…ha!!!). Announcing you’re going to do something on your blog and/or social media seems to be a really good motivator…that’s what kept me from quitting marathon training and it’s what’s kept me dedicated to actually sitting down to find a business book, buy it, and spend the time reading it instead of PS I Love You, the novel. I highly recommend sharing your goal all over the place if you have one…it works wonders for motivation!

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Anyway, this month’s book was a lot more enjoyable than last month’s, which I had a difficult time getting through. (You can read about that here, if you’re interested). I chose We’re All Weird: The Rise of Tribes and the End of Normal by Seth Godin. I still haven’t read Tribes (it’s on my list, though) but I get the general premise. I picked this book because it hasn’t been talked about a thousand times so far (it’s newer) and because I definitely subscribe to the idea that we are all weird in our own way.

I felt like this book was really eye opening and especially encouraging for wedding photographers and other wedding industry pros). Why wedding photographers in particular? Because right now our industry can sometimes feel like it’s a sea of same-ness. You could make a list of photographers or florists and see tons of people who are all doing the same thing, trying to be a part of the “masses”, trying to fit in. This book says that’s the wrong way to go about marketing yourself. Seth says “You succeed by fueling and feeding the things we used to call niches, not by enforcing normalcy, however you define it. ” I think this book would be perfect if you’re struggling with finding your “voice” as a creative business owner!

I’ll be giving away this month’s book, too! Comment here by March 5 and I’ll pick a random winner!

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  1. christina says:

    hands up!!! YES!!!!! We could totally go on and on about the same-ness….I read tribes…and it was good. I felt it hard to follow at times….but great points. I’m interested in Seth’s new book….weird can totally be good a thing…besides what really is the definition of weird?

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