Busy Season Goal List


April 16, 2015

Wedding season starts this weekend! I can’t believe it! Off season always feels like it went by SO fast and at the same time, lasted forever! Is that weird? It kind of reminds me how it felt to go back to school in the fall as a kid. I’m no stranger to making lists. List making is actually one of my favorite things to do! It calms me and helps me feel like my life is under control. During busy season it can be a challenge to feel like you’re in control. It gets a lot more difficult to balance everything and sometimes when you are just focused on getting through each day, it’s hard to keep your mind on some of the “bigger picture” items that you want to get done aside from day to day tasks. This list is intended to help keep me on track…but also hopefully inspire someone else who might be feeling like they need something to get them going as we get into busy wedding season!

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Busy Season Goals:

  • Our promo film! We are working with Josh Gooden on this and we’re filming next week! Part of the process for this will also be figuring out a place for it on our website and how we go about unveiling it to the public. Look for more on that soon 🙂
  • Order sample albums. This has been on my to do list for a really long time, and I’m ready to tackle it this season.
  • Announce third workshop. Yes! I will be hosting another workshop later on this summer. Date and details will be announced soon.
  • Re-structure mentoring sessions. Some big changes are coming to the way I do one on one mentoring…both to the format and what I’m offering! Be sure to look out for more info here on the blog!
  • Cook three nights a week. Keeping my expectations of myself LOW here. Let’s be real.
  • Rebrand. Well, not a full rebrand, but I’m due for an update to my site, for sure! My current brand is almost three years old and I think I’m growing a bit in where the business is going. That’s not to say I’ve outgrown it yet, but I think your brand should be like your fat pants…roomy enough for expansion:)
  • New headshots. Our headshots are a little out of date! I love the ones we are currently using, but I think with updating the brand, it might be time for new ones.
  • Launch print shop. I’ve been working on setting up a shop with some of my favorite travel/lifestyle images and this should launch sometime within the next two weeks, actually!
  • Plan (and go on!) another trip. Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?
  • Surprise for our 2015 Brides. This one is currently in the works! I can’t say TOO much yet, but if you’re one of our brides this year, save the date for August 8th


That’s what’s on my big list for the season…what’s on yours? I’d love to hear what you’re up to in the comments!

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  1. OH! Josh is AMAZING! I can’t wait to see what your video will look like and GREAT goals girl!

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