Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photos | Marci + Joe


September 3, 2015

If Marci and Joe’s wedding was an episode of Friends it would be known as “The One with All of the Glitter”.  Alternatively, you could call it “The One Where Katie Went Crazy Photographing the Rings”. Because for a minute there, while I was shooting details, I seriously started considering whether or not I could break out into jewelry photography one day! How could you not want to photograph Marci’s ring all day long? It’s stunning! No worries about me quitting weddings anytime soon though. If I did, I would miss out on so many wonderful moments and people!

Marci and Joe’s wedding was such a fun day to be a part of! Marci was a bridesmaid in Darby and Chad’s wedding in April, so getting to work with her and this group of friends again was such a treat! I love already knowing a lot of the people at a wedding when I arrive! It makes it so much fun and bridal party portraits go so smoothly because they’re already familiar with how I work.

I loved so much how Marci and Joe infused their personalities into the wedding day! They’re an absolute blast to be around and their wedding day was just like them…so much fun! Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Georgetown Engagement Session_0040Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0045Georgetown Engagement Session_0042Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0059Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0055Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0052Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0053Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0054Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0056Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0063Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0065Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0066Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0067Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0069Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0071Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0075Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0074Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer_0070

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  1. Ashley

    September 4th, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    Everything about this post is awesome! I love the “Friends” reference! And YES! All that glitter is amazing!!! Great job! 🙂

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