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August 3, 2016

Sometimes I feel like after over 700 blog posts throughout the course of the last five years, there isn’t much I haven’t already said! I’ve blogged about so many different things…personal stuff, wedding planning tips, business education, etc. I’ve never really blogged about today’s topic though, which is funny because it’s something I explain a lot in emails!

Georgetown Engagement Session_0008

Most people think that their engagement session has to be planned somewhere local (either to us or to them). While there are lots of great options all over Virginia, Maryland, and DC, I don’t think you should feel limited to those places alone! To me, engagement sessions are that much more special when you choose to do them somewhere that has a special meaning or memory, or somewhere that’s sort of symbolic to the two of you and your relationship. We had photos done this past year on our trip to Hawaii and looking back at them is the ultimate souvenir and something we will always be able to use as a memory of that moment in our lives! I think engagement sessions are very similar…they should capture a certain moment in your life!

Colonial Williamsburg College of William and Mary Engagement Photos_015

Caroline and Josh’s Philadelphia engagement session was a great example of this! They fell in love in Philly and though they live two hours away and we live about five hours away, we still all made the trip there for their photos because it’s a place that means a lot to them and they couldn’t imagine doing their session anywhere else! When you are planning out your engagement photos, think outside of the box when it comes to locations and destinations and don’t be afraid to travel!

Society Hill Headhouse Philadelphia Engagement Session Photos_0016

Here are a few places we think would make for amazing destination engagement sessions!

Denver, Co
Montreal, Canada
Brooklyn, NY
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Miami, FL
Portland, ME

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