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July 29, 2015

If you’re like a lot of couples, you’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money into putting together your vision for your wedding day. You’ve been dreaming of what the decor will look like for months and you’ve hired a photographer whose detail shots are always on point. A big key to getting beautiful images of all of your hard work (that you probably won’t get to enjoy much on your actual wedding day, since you’ll be busy mingling with all of your friends and family) actually lies within your timeline and how it’s organized!

One thing lots of couples don’t realize until they’re planning their own wedding timeline with us is that we actually photograph all of the reception details before guests are allowed into the space. Nine times out of ten this happens even before the ceremony itself, but in some cases, if you’ve done a first look, we can photograph the reception during cocktail hour IF cocktail hour is held in a separate location.

Depending on the amount of details you have, we’ll need about 20 minutes or so to capture everything. A bit more time may be necessary if there’s no natural light in your space and setting up our own lighting is necessary. You can always chat with us about this before the wedding day, but definitely be sure to start thinking about allotting time for details before guests are scheduled to enter the room. Work with your caterer and florist to be sure that everything is set up early enough for photos!

Here are a few favorite detail photographs!

Wedding Reception Detail Photos_0033Wedding Reception Detail Photos_0024Wedding Reception Detail Photos_0027Wedding Reception Detail Photos_0031N



Wedding Reception Detail Photos_0034Wedding Reception Detail Photos_0025

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