Favorite Unscripted Moments of 2015


January 21, 2016

This might be my favorite post when it comes to these “Best of” posts! Though I’m always a fan of bride and groom portraits and I love a good detail shot, these candid wedding day moments are where it’s at. It can be a delicate balancing act to work to capture the complete story of a wedding day with details, bridal party portraits, family formals, and of course bride and groom photos, but I think these little in between moments are so important too! I love to look back and see all of the moments that were captured over the course of the year, and I thought it would be fun to share here as well. Here are a few of my favorites “unscripted” moments from last year’s weddings!

Kristine and her two best friends were adorable getting ready in their cute robes!

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0010

I loved the look on Rae’s face during her first look with Jon!

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0009

Darby’s nieces (and flower girls) tried to sneak a peek of her as she got ready. They were too cute!

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0005Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0004Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0002Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0008Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0012

Tiffany and Terry’s pup Kenny got tired of photos and decided he needed a break…and his mom’s gown looked like the best place for a little rest!

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0015

Bonnie’s bridesmaids looked on from the front porch as she went to meet Quentin for their first look!

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0027

I call this “But first, let me take a selfie!”

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0026Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0024

I really liked this of Nicole and her mom as they got ready!

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0018Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0019

This photo makes me tear up! These two shared an emotional first look that reminded me of how I felt at my own first look!

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0020

I secretly love it when the groom cries. How sweet is this?

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0023

Darby made the most radiant, beautiful bride! Definitely a favorite “getting into the dress” image!

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0025

Marlayna and Adam gave each other gifts during their first look and their reactions were priceless!

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0021

Amy’s bridesmaids reactions when she opened the door and came out in her wedding gown = perfection.

Candid Wedding Photo Faves_0022

This last one is a probably an all time favorite! The colored petals along with Rachelle and Zeke’s obvious joy made this one so special!

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0100

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  1. Ravyn says:

    I’m literally wanting to smash my computer right now — dealing with a stupid coding issue. BUT, I took a few minutes to refresh, and I saw this post … it made me so happy!! 🙂

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