For Photographers: the 5D Mark III


July 23, 2014

It’s time for another “what’s in my bag” update! I can’t believe I am so late in blogging about this…it’s been half a wedding season already and I never mentioned my new camera except on Instagram! Whoops. Buying this camera was huge for me. When I started the business over three years ago, I shot on a Canon Rebel XT…which was an entry level body that was outdated even back then. I yearned for a day when I’d be able to own the top of the line camera all the pros I looked up to were using and prided myself on being able to take beautiful pictures even with a less than perfect camera. Instead of going into debt for the business, I’ve slowly built my inventory of gear as I could afford it. I rented lenses until they were feasible for me to own, and had the best camera body I could afford for the time being. Last year upgrading to a full frame camera from a prosumer body was so thrilling! I still believe the photographer makes the images, not the camera, but dang it if having an awesome camera doesn’t make making beautiful pictures just a little bit easier. Adding the 5D Mark III to my bag this spring was one of the most exciting days of my life! Okay, maybe not of my LIFE…but definitely one of the most exciting days for KNP! And the fact that I have worked with almost every other camera body under the sun before this made the purchase that much sweeter! It feels good to grow, and it feels even better to have earned it with every bit of blood (yes, blood), sweat, and tears I’ve put into this business that I lovingly refer to as my second baby (my first, obv, is Lucy, my cat).

Richmond Wedding Photographer_0127

Anyway, enough about me! Let’s talk about this camera! Switching from a 50D to the 5D Mark II was pretty seamless. The buttons are all in the exact same places, so it wasn’t really hard to figure out. The Mark III, has different buttons, a ton more menu options, and is slightly more difficult to transition to from a Mark II or other Canon bodies. It also has a WAY more sophisticated focusing system than the Mark II (which was seriously that thing’s downfall) and getting used to actually switching focus points (instead of focusing and recomposing all the time like you have to with the 5D Mark II), has a little bit of a learning curve. I’m still learning a little bit as I go and getting used to that…and I’ve shot 11 weddings and a handful of sessions with it already this season!

The best thing about the camera, is hands down, that focusing system. No more not being able to get sharp pictures at a wide aperture far away from the subject. No more THINKING I nailed focus only to get back to my computer and see that the focus was slightly soft. The Mark III has a bajillion focus points (no, really), but I only actually use the cross type points because I shoot exclusively with prime lenses and almost always shoot below 2.8.

My least favorite thing about this camera is that it’s slightly larger than the Mark II, which was bigger than my 50D and definitely an adjustment for my hands. I have almost CHILD SIZED HANDS, people. The Mark III, with the 35 1.4, a 580 ex II, and a transmitter for OCF weighs almost 6 pounds. And did I mention, I don’t use a camera strap?? That’s six pounds for at least 4 hours during receptions just hanging out in my right hand. No wonder my right hand is so much stronger than the left! I sincerely hope that Canon does NOT make the 5D Mark IV any bigger than the Mark III whenever they put it out. Canon, do you hear me??

All in all, I love this camera more than I ever thought I could love a piece of equipment. It was seriously worth every penny! I also feel that my love for it is even stronger because of how hard I had to work to get to this point in my business. We’re at at time when instant gratification is expected (what, you’ve never quit a workout plan after a week into it because you didn’t see results??), so actually having to work hard, pay my dues (so to speak), and earn something like this means a lot to me. The camera stands for a lot more than just a piece of equipment vital to my business…it’s proof of the journey I’ve taken to get to this point in my business and what hard work and perseverance can achieve! I’m not telling you all of this to pat myself on the back, or give myself props. I’m telling you this to encourage you if you’re not exactly where you want to be right now. You can do it! And when you do, it will be so sweet…like nutella all over ice cream. 🙂

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  1. Mels

    July 24th, 2014 at 3:20 am

    It’s right that the photographer makes the photos, but the best camera can do lots of things and it helps very much.
    It has to be a great satisfaction! I’m so happy for you!

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