December 8, 2017

It’s been just under a week now since I returned from my third trip to Hawaii, which means I’m doing pretty well getting my vacation photos both edited AND blogged within a week of coming home! Just before my second trip to Hawaii I was so worried that it wouldn’t be as fun to go back. I thought that in some weird way, it might lose some of it’s magic the second time around. Now, after my third visit, I can honestly say that it’s still as spectacular as the very first time I stepped off a 10 hour flight to begin my visit.

Sometimes when I hear people say they don’t really like Oahu that much I think, “Well, you must not have tried that hard”.  I have had such a great experience every time I’ve visited. All of the islands are pretty magical, but I think Oahu is really special because it has a little something for everyone. It’s got history, fun tourist attractions, breathtaking views, and lots of fun little things to discover off the beaten path. I love it so much and I’ll be holding these memories close to my heart and pretending I’m sitting on top of a mountain again, looking peacefully off into the Pacific ocean, especially during this cold East Coast winter!!

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