Highlights – January 2019


February 6, 2019

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a blog series…a really long time, actually. I used to do them pretty frequently, but it became harder to keep up with them as the business (and life in general) got a lot busier.

This year I’d really like to start fresh with at least one normal blog series and I thought it would be fun to say goodbye to each month and hello to every new one with a few little updates about what’s been going on behind the scenes!

January is usually one of my quieter months. For the most part, it’s pretty cold and miserable outside, which means shooting is at a minimum this time of year. I spent a lot more time this month working on office tasks (blogging, tax prep, research, emailing with new and potential clients, etc) and less time traveling and photographing. That meant that I had a little bit more time to devote to running…as you’ll see in my highlights below, running was a huge part of my January!

Here are a few highlights from last month, as well as what I’m looking forward to in February!

Some highlights from January:

I rang in the new year at a fun party in Norfolk
Throughout all of the years that I’ve done something for New Year’s Eve, I’ve actually only been out (to a bar or something and not just to a friend’s house) one other time. This year my boyfriend and I joined a group of friends at a party at a rooftop bar in Norfolk!


I hosted several get togethers
I LOVE having people over and since I moved last year I’ve hosted a ton of get-togethers. Throughout the Fall I kind of stopped because I was so busy with wedding season and half-marathon training, but since January was quieter with work, I was able to have a bunch of people in my home again! I had my parents over for a belated Christmas since they were sick before Christmas and I was out of town for the holidays…I roasted my first chicken! I also was this month’s book club’s hostess and had a pizza and game night for a few friends another weekend.

Lucy wasn’t too pumped about having people over, but I shared part of an Everything Bagel pig in a blanket with her to make it up to her…

I hit some exciting running milestones.
This month I ran a 5K and not only won first place in my age group, I also set a new personal best with my time! My 5K time was 24:01! This was also really fun because my boyfriend won the men’s division of our age group! In addition to my 5K victory in January, I ran a total of 101 miles in preparation for my third marathon. It’s kind of crazy to think that we’re just under a month until race day!!!

Celebrated my friend’s baby shower
One of my dear friends is having a baby in March and I was excited to help with flowers for her baby shower! I can’t wait to meet her baby girl when she arrives 🙂

What I’m looking forward to in February

Wrapping up my third round of marathon training.
This month I’ll wrap up my training with one more super long run before I begin the tapering process. Tapering is usually mentally tough because you start to feel kind of antsy, but it really is an important part of training!! So much of marathon training is mental and this part is no different.

Running a 10 Miler
Does it seem like a lot of my life is focused on running right now?? It definitely feels like it!! In addition to gearing up to run a marathon next month, I’ve signed up to run the first annual Oozlefinch 10 Miler on Ft Monroe! A few of my friends are also registered, so I think it should be a fun race!

Time spent with friends.
One of the really nice things about having a quieter work season is that I actually get to spend time with people that I care about. One of my friends is coming to town this week and I’m looking forward to taking a day off to hang out with her! I’m so grateful to be able to arrange my schedule for the week based on things like this!

Chatting with/booking a few new 2019/2020 clients!
I’ve got a few 2019 dates left and am now booking for 2020 Spring and Fall! I’ve been chatting with a few new clients and can’t wait to welcome a few more new couples into the Katie Nesbitt Photography family!

I’m also really excited to be a part of A Crystal Clear Vision this weekend!! I’ll be photographing some of the designs and hanging out for a bit to meet some engaged couples! If you’ll be there too, please stop and say hi!!

That’s it for this month’s highlights! I hope you like this new series…I’m excited to begin sharing a bit more of my personal life again and I’m looking forward to checking in again next month 🙂

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