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September 10, 2015

One of my favorite pages on our website is the Stats page Ravyn created. I had hoped it would be such a fun addition to the “about” section and she designed the perfect little Easter Egg!

I loved it so much that I thought it would actually make a fun blog post. The past few years have flown by and it’s kind of amazing to look at the statistics on things. Numbers are not always my friend…I’ve never been all that great at math, despite all of the Asian stereotypes that say otherwise. But I really enjoyed putting together these numbers! Especially when I look back and remember the days where I was barely able to pay bills and had no idea how I’d ever afford a 5D Mark II (that was the newest camera at the time..haha) or anything else for the business for that matter! Bit by bit this business has grown and these stats are for sure proof!

Springfield Manor Wedding by Katie Nesbitt_0051Anyway, here’s a fun peek into Katie Nesbitt Photography….by the numbers!

  • This is my 5th season photographing weddings. My 4th photographing them full time
  • I have photographed 95 weddings since starting out in 2011.
  • I went full time with my business 14 months after photographing my first ever wedding.
  • That first wedding I photographed was actually 1 month before my own…and the same day as my own bridal shower!
  • John has photographed 57 weddings alongside me
  • He assisted at 8 before he became my primary second shooter
  • We’ve photographed 63 engagement sessions to date
  • I’ve photographed with 4 different camera bodies as my primary camera…I’m shooting with a 5D Mark III right now.
  • I’ve delivered roughly 70,000 edited images over the course of my photography career
  • We have driven approximately 60,000 miles to and from weddings, engagement sessions, the occasional meeting, and portrait sessions
  • I have been published in print 3 times now (yay!!!)
  • I’ve received 2,761 emails so far this year.
  • We hosted 2 sold out workshops
  • I’ve watched at least 100 hours of Netflix over the years while editing (just a guesstimation…)
  • I was making $11.75 an hour and planning a wedding when I decided I wanted to start my own business. My first DSLR was the only thing I could afford and cost me $250 on Craigslist. I saved up for it for a long time!
  • I’ve been a second shooter less than 10 times total!
  • We do 90 percent of our “meetups” with clients over the phone or via Skype.
  • I have been to Las Vegas 3 times since becoming a photographer….2 times were for “official” photography business…aka going to WPPI. Though based on the amount of eating I did you’d have thought I was there for some kind of business convention based on stuffing my face.
  • 70 Percent of the time I work on the couch, and not at my desk. I’m trying to fix that though.

I hope this post was entertaining…if not, I have written 660 (!!!) other posts that you can enjoy instead!

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  1. Darby Sinclair says:

    I love these stats!! (especially the Netflix guesstimate). I was probably 500 of those emails this year haha 🙂

  2. Darby Sinclair says:

    Also , my guess is Lucy was cute 100% of the time 🙂

  3. Alicia says:

    This is SO COOL!! I have no idea how you figured some of these out, but I love it! Also, that’s crazy how many times in your life you’ve second shot, I never would have guessed 🙂

    • Katie Nesbitt says:

      Haha! A couple of them I had to guess at based on averages…the number of images delivered is one of them. And my emails all go to two inboxes…one of which I don’t open them in, so I can see exactly how many emails were received haha!!

      The rest is good old fashioned math, which I hate, but still.

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