Making Your Clients a Priority

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April 7, 2016

Photographers talk about client experience all the time, but what a lot of people don’t realize, is that client experience is so much more than just the ribbon you use in your packaging or the pretty client guide you send out. The biggest key to creating an amazing client experience is how you make people feel!  

Recently, I read someone in a photography group I’m in on Facebook write: “Man, why does it feel like my clients think they’re the only client that I have??”. This person went on to say that their clients should be more aware that they’ve got a lot going on and can’t just cater to them alone all the time.

While I can totally understand that there are times when it can get really frustrating and overwhelming as a business owner (especially during busy season!) I think that’s the wrong way to feel about the situation. If a client feels like they’re your only client, that’s a good thing! Why would you want them to feel like they’re just a number? You want your clients to feel taken care of. Like you have their best interests at heart and are so excited to be a part of their wedding day. What you don’t want is for them to feel like they’re not important to you or a priority. Each and every one of my clients are the MOST important part of my business because without them, I don’t have a business.

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Here are three simple things you can do to make your clients a priority!

  • Limit the number of weddings you take on a year. I only take 20-25 weddings each year because I know that’s the perfect number for me personally to balance. I could technically shoot more weddings than that, however, I know what I wouldn’t be able to give everyone the attention they need and deserve.
  • Outsource your editing OR learn a better workflow. If you’re spending dozens and dozens of hours behind your computer editing each of your weddings and sessions, that’s going to take away from the time you have to take care of your clients! I highly suggest either outsourcing your editing OR learning a 5 hour wedding day workflow like mine. (I teach this at workshops and mentoring sessions!! Go here for more info!).
  • Answer emails in a timely manner. Nothing makes people feel less special than waiting forever to get back to them via email. I try to handle all of my emails once a day (at the least!) and while I’m not perfect at this, I’ve got a few tricks (which you can read about here) that make this process a bit easier. One rule of thumb I use is to try to answer client emails first and leave any others (from vendors, blogs, etc) for last.
  • Manage client expectations. Expectations are such a tricky thing! They can be a huge reason for missed communication and confusion between business owners and clients. Managing your client expectations lets them know what to expect, which in turn helps them feel like they’re being well taken care of, especially if you are able to exceed their expectations!

Prioritizing your clients and making them feel as though they’re your only client is really one of the easiest and inexpensive things you can do to market your business! What are some things that you do to make your clients feel like they’re your top priority?

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  1. You literally took the words right from our mouths! Love this!

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