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June 14, 2017

I just woke up this morning and realized that it’s already halfway through June! And not only that, I’m just beginning my last month of being 29 years old! That’s right…next month I’m turning THIRTY! How crazy is that? That gives me even more of a motivation to spend the next 30 days intentionally since I’m about to close out what was a really big decade of my life!

Here’s how I did with last month’s goals:

Start pre-planning my Instagram content (can you believe I’ve never done this before??) I never got around to starting to do this. I like an organic approach to my IG feed, so I’m trying to figure out a way that I personally will stick to for this!

Clean up my Pinterest BoardsIn progress. It turns out that there’s a lot to clean up over there since I’ve had my account for over six years now!

Research rechargeable flash batteries. Done! After careful consideration, I think I’ve found the right batteries for our flashes!! I’m going to be purchasing these.

Refresh website galleries with new images. Also in progress. I’ve got a few things from the end of last month and this month that I want to add too, so more updates are on the way!

Here are my June business goals:

  • Replenish packaging materials (stickers, boxes, stationery, etc)
  • Photograph our first destination wedding!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with Caroline and Josh
  • Update blog categories, reorganize and clean up the blog a bit
  • Submit April/May wedding work for publication
  • Take some time to set some long term goals for next year

Last month’s personal goal progress:

Eat less refined and added sugars. I experimented with eliminating added sugars from my diet for a few days and could tell that it really did make a difference in the way that my body craves sugar. I’m much more conscious of this now than I was before!

Limit screen time in the evenings. We’ve been so busy that we really haven’t had time to spend in front of screens as it is, so WIN.

Refrain from checking emails outside of “office hours”. This is still a work in progress! I feel like having my phone near me is a compulsive habit and looking at my emails when I shouldn’t be is something I still need some work on.

Celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary! We celebrated six years with a day out at brunch and then a winery!! Two of my favorite things!!

June’s personal goals:

  • Finish at least 5 more things on my 30 Before 30 checklist
  • Take at least one day off a week
  • Read a novel for fun
  • Keep my patio plants alive
  • Visit a naturopath for the first time

What I’m excited for in June:

  • Our cousin and his longtime love got married this weekend!
  • MEXICO!!!
  • Summer!

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