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May 15, 2017

I have no idea how it’s not only MAY already but halfway through it! I say this every year, but this year seems to be flying by faster than normal, doesn’t it? It’s unreal how fast the time is going by, but I think that’s a good reminder to soak it all in and be intentional with our time!

Here’s how I did with my April goals:

Once a week pre-Blog a week’s worth of content a week in advance – Fail. Being really real here, I’ve definitely put the blog on the back burner behind client images and other things I have to work on every day. Sometimes it just isn’t my top priority anymore and that’s okay!

Finish planning and prepping (and HOST!) the very first Styled Experience – Complete! I can’t wait to share the images and a little more about how it all went!!

Finish reading “Everybody Writes” and blog about it. – I feel like this poor book will never get finished! I’m learning that the best way for me to get books in during this busy time of year is actually audiobooks…because I can actually actively listen while I work. Maybe I need to buy the audio book of this!!!

Stock photo day for blog and social media images – Yes! I could use another day for this though in the upcoming months.

Research a few new ideas for client gifts – In progress. I’ve found a couple ideas, but I’d like a few more.

Send my camera to be cleaned – Done. Nothing too exciting to share here!

Here are my May business goals:

  • Start pre-planning my Instagram content (can you believe I’ve never done this before??)
  • Clean up my Pinterest Boards
  • Research rechargeable flash batteries
  • Refresh website galleries with new images

Last month’s personal goal progress:

  • CLIMB THE ROPE…at the Spartan Race YESSS!!! I FINALLY DID IT! You can read about it on my personal blog if you’re interested!!
  • Schedule at least one date night/day with John where we don’t use our phones. So, we did have a date day, but we used our phones. Womp, womp. There’s always this month to try again though, right??
  • Read one novel for fun. While I was traveling, I read Big Little Lies (and then watched the HBO mini series when I got home!)
  • Stay healthy while traveling. Made it through last month’s trips without getting sick! Hallelujah!

May’s Personal Goals

  • Eat less refined and added sugars. I would love to cut back on sugar to see if it affects how much I crave it these days. I never craved sugar before, but lately, the more I eat, the more I realize how addictive it really is!
  • Limit screen time in the evenings.
  • Refrain from checking emails outside of “office hours”.
  • Celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary!

What I am excited for this month:

  • Weddings! This month is one of my favorite for weddings…not that I’m biased or anything;)
  • Our sixth wedding anniversary!
  • Warmer weather
  • Grilling season!

May is one of my favorite months, so I’m enjoying it while it’s here! Hope you all are enjoying this month so far too!

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