Q&A: Have you worked at our venue?


February 9, 2016

Since it’s a busy time for couples to start thinking seriously about choosing their wedding photographers for 2016 (and for 2017, too!) I thought it was the perfect time to answer a frequently asked question here on the blog!

Q. Have you worked at our venue before?

A. This is one of those “What should you ask a wedding photographer” questions that I see popping up on lists that float around on the internet. The problem with a lot of those lists is that they’re not actually written by photographers, so some of the questions aren’t really all that helpful when it comes to choosing a photographer. This one is kind of helpful…more so if you’re potentially working with a photographer who’s less experience…but more on that later!

To answer this question, sometimes we can say yes, we have photographed at that venue before. BUT, actually, the majority of the time, we say no, we haven’t, but we’ve heard of it/wanted to shoot there/know someone who has, etc. We shoot at new venues all the time, and it’s really become an asset for us because being thrown into so many different types of situations has made us super adaptable! You name it and we’ve probably seen it.

Historic Whitehall Manor Wedding Photos_0018

We travel all over for weddings and roughly cover 30k miles to and from events and engagement sessions every year! Our “target region” is huge! For this reason, there are a TON of venues in the area we cover and statistically, we’re shooting at new places more often than not. A lot of photographers cover a smaller area that’s very local to them, which means that they’ve probably worked at the majority of the venues in their target region depending on how long they’ve been in business.

We love this! We love photographing at new places (and revisiting old favorites when we have the chance!). I always feel that it gives us the opportunity to see the space with fresh eyes! It also means that we are really focusing on telling the unique story of YOUR wedding day rather than defaulting to the same things we’ve done dozens of times.

Getting back to when I think this question is helpful, I think this is actually a GREAT question if you’re considering working with a photographer who isn’t very experienced. It most likely would be a benefit that the photographer has an idea of what they’re walking into that way they are more prepared! Since we’ve photographed over 100 weddings, I can honestly say we’re ready for pretty much anything a wedding day can throw at us….crazy lighting situations, awkward family drama, tornado warnings, and so much more have happened! As wedding photographers you have to be adaptable no matter what the situation, or the venue!


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  1. Urška Majer

    February 10th, 2016 at 5:02 am

    I was just talking with a couple about this the other day and i couldn’t agree more with the whole post! I think if you photograph at a new venue it really boosts your creativity 🙂

  2. Alicia

    February 10th, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Oh, yes, yes, yes!!!! I cannot agree with this more, Katie!

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