Reality Check


November 27, 2013

I’m going to just come out and admit something to you guys…I’m super addicted to social media. Yep. It’s really unhealthy and lately I’ve realized how much checking constant streams of other people’s updates (a lot of which are from people I have never even met….) has really started to affect me on a personal level. It’s actually kind of scary how much I let these things rule my life and make me feel one way or another about myself and my business.

So. I have decided I need a reality check.

I’m detoxing from social media. I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone and logged out of Facebook on Safari (for a while using FB on Safari was my workaround…I’m like a true addict over here!!). I will only be logging in on my computer to share my blog posts and upload pictures and albums to my business page. I toyed with deactivating my Facebook profile, but it would make it harder to add clients to tag them on my page:(

See, social media isn’t real. Or maybe some of of it is, but what you see on Facebook or Instagram isn’t really a whole picture. It’s just the parts people really want you to see. Facebook is no longer what it was intended to be…I don’t really use it to keep up with my family and close friends anymore because they don’t even show up in my news feed because Facebook thinks it’s more important for me to see so and so in the wedding business who I don’t even know…I just accepted their friend request because I didn’t want to be rude. You know what I do when I want to connect with my friends and family? I text them. Or you know…use the actual phone feature on my iPhone. What a novel idea!

Instagram is just as bad, if not worse actually. You feel pressure to follow people you aren’t interested in to “be polite” and then you end up having to see all of the things they want you to see to make you think their life is super amazing that you aren’t even all that interested in. And it makes you feel like doo doo. Or is that just me?

I’m tired of comparison. I’m tired of feeling like I’m not good enough or that my life isn’t amazing enough, or that my instagrams aren’t representing my business the right way, or that someone else gets more likes than I do. I’m OVER IT. I want to spend my evenings reading funny books and goofing around with my husband and my cat, not stressing out about what so and so posted on Facebook. I miss NOT having social media to run my life and rule the way I think about myself. I miss personal interactions. I miss sending emails to friends (since when did it become old timey to send an email to a friend??). I like iMessage. I like emojis. I mean, at least those are a little more one on one.

And now on a completely random note, I started drinking Kefir this week and it’s so good! I can’t believe I like something that’s good for me! Its a yogurt-y probiotic drink that has effervescent bubbles. Sounds so weird, but it’s really delicious, and I’m so glad to be enjoying something healthy.  It’s no donut, but it’s not bad at all:)

Virginia Lifestyle Photographer_0048

On another semi-random tangent: every time I open the fridge for the Kefir bottle I think of Teen Mom 2 and Janelle’s mom…”I SEE YOU WIFF KEEFAH!!!!” Anyone??


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  1. Brea says:

    I totally understand your need to detox but am a little sad! We need to start iMessaging so I can get a daily Lucy fix 😉

  2. Erin S. says:

    I feel very overrun by social media at times too. It’s become part of my job at work, so I can’t really get away from it, and despite how much Facebook might try to fill my news feed with people or pages I only care tangentially about, I do still manage to use it to stay in contact with actual friends and family. I’ve find if I make good use of lists on FB, I can better control whose information I am seeing.

    Enjoy your vacation from social media! Maybe I’ll see you in the real world some time!

  3. Kimmie says:

    Katie, I love this! I’ve been feeling the comparison of other photographers creep into the way I do business. It’s draining. So proud that you’re doing something about it! Good luck!!! I hope you enjoy that time.

  4. Krista says:

    Katie you’re awesome! So excited for you to take a detox and focus on what matters most in your life! It’s so true that social media isn’t real life and you miss out on SO much when you’re on it all the time!

  5. LOL WELL JANELLLEEE – I SEEN YOU WIF KEEFAH! Remind me to do my impression of her next time I see you…it’s pretty good!

  6. Brittany says:

    Awesome Katie!!!!

  7. Amanda Truth says:

    No joke, this morning I was on a plane and I decided to do some culling…found out that without the Internet I can get an entire card culled in under 10 minutes…who knew?! I totally agree, social media has completely taken over and it’s getting to the point of ridiculousness. Good for you for being so strong willed and taking your life back!!

  8. Keep me posted on how this goes for you. Last month I used more mobile data by manually hitting “refresh” because my phone “didn’t sync fast enough.” It’s a crazy world out there! xoxo

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